Aussie Farmers Direct – $25 Off Your First Order

Aussie farmers direct offer

Nigel and Marisa are the local franchisees for Aussie Farmers Direct. They offer a delivery service that combines the best bits about the hand-delivered days of the ‘milko’, with the one-click convenience of today.

Nigel grew up in country NSW and knows that farming in Australia isn’t easy. That’s why he loves having his Aussie Farmers Direct business as the food is locally sourced and the farmer gets the best price for their hard work. He and his wife bought a franchise so that could work together and saw it as great opportunity to get the family involved. The flexible hours also mean that Nigel can be a semi stay at home dad to their daughter.

Operating from North Parramatta, Nigel and Marisa deliver a wide range of products. From meat, dairy, fruit and veg to eggs, seafood, bakery products, beverages, organics, plus more. To order, visit

$25 off with minimum spend of $50. Offer valid for new customers in serviceable areas only until 30th June.

To redeem the offer, enter 25FR2042 at checkout.