Lemon Tree Cafe | Newington


Usually people in our district make their way to Newington to visit the Blaxland Riverside Park. Did you know that nearby there is a lovely area with many cafes and restaurants as well as a smaller park for toddlers? Today, I decided to check out a cafe that is loved by the locals, Lemon Tree Cafe.

The first thing that I noticed was that they serve Campos coffee. That’s definitely one of my favourite brands so I was pretty stoked. You’ll notice some seating outside at the entrance. When I poked my head in, I noticed there is another outdoor seating area at the back that is contained and pretty private.

I ordered myself a coffee and my children had a babycino and milkshake each. We also shared some cheese toast. The babycino isn’t a fancy one but that is reflected in it’s price. If purchased with a coffee, the babycino is 50c otherwise they are $1. The kid-sized milkshakes are only $3. I can see why this is a local favourite. A great way to enjoy a cafe without hurting the budget.

My coffee was very nice, quite strong and that is how I like it. The babycino is milky however it comes with a lid and a straw. It also comes with a marshmallow. If your children prefer to eat frothy babycinos, they might be disappointed. I asked my daughter how her milkshake was and her review was that it was, “yummy”.

There were 2 toys placed at the back of the restaurant for the children to play with. This was perfect for us as my kids were the only ones there. I imagine there may be some fights and tears if there are more children visiting the cafe.

I would like to revisit with my husband to try some of the food. I did peak at other’s breakfast plates and it looked pretty good.

I would definitely go again as I found it affordable and pleasant. The cafe is right next to the council car park which has 2 hours free parking.

You can find the Lemon Tree Cafe at 2/1 Ave of Europe, Newington NSW 2127