Maples Cafe | Putney


We are in search of fantastic cafe’s near the area that are child friendly. Today, we thought we’d give Maples Cafe in Putney a go.

Atmosphere at Maples Cafe – Putney

Clean, modern and hip are three words that spring to mind when describing the overall aesthetics of this cafe. A display of pre-made food sits in the display with 3 lovely pendant lights overhead.

Maples Putney

The atmosphere inside is nice and warm and has a good vibe. You can sit inside or outside and can get a pram in quite easily.

How does Maples cafe stack up for kids?

Points for having a kids menu! We got our toddler some melted cheese fingers which she demolished. Not sure if it is the healthiest menu but it definitely has a lot to choose from.

Maples Putney ToastThere isn’t really a kids station set up with building blocks, toys books or anything. I think I would frequent more often if it did. Having said that we did bring our own toys and books.

Here is a look at the kids menu.

Maples Cafe – Kids Menu


  • Egg on toast, scrambled or fried – $8.90
  • Baked beans and melted cheese on toast – $7.90
  • Melted cheese fingers – $7.90
  • Sausage and egg wrap – $8.90
  • Pancakes with maple syrup and whipped cream – $8.90


  • Cheeseburger and chips (beef pattie, cheese and special sauce) – $9.90
  • Chicken nuggets with chips and sauce – $8.90
  • Fish ‘n chips – $8.90
  • Steak house chips – $6.90
  • Penne pasta in pink sauce – $8/90


  • Babycino with Marshmallow – $1.50
  • Milkshake (vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, banana, lime, caramel) – $3.00
  • Juice – $3.50
  • Hot chocolate – $3.50


  • Ice cream , 1 scoop – $3.50
  • Ice cream, 2 scoops – $4.50
  • Ice cream, 3 scoops – $5.50

A review of Maples cafe for the grown ups

10 points for the coffee. They use Campos coffee which I quite like and apparently so do the locals. There was a line out the door for some take away coffee. They must be known for it.
Maples Putney Coffee

There was quite a lot on the menu and they have something for everyone, from the classics to their own middle eastern specials

I ended up getting the organic vegetarian breakfast and my husband got the bacon and egg roll. The only feedback I can get out of the husband is, ‘it was pretty good actually.’ A man of a few words.
Organic Vegetarian breakfast - Maples Putney

I loved my breakfast. I was hungry when I arrived which is the only reason I could finish it. The serving was quite large. I had mushrooms, haloumi cheese, soy and linseed toast, poached eggs, spinach and baked beans.

Maples Cafe, Putney

4/90 Charles Street, Putney NSW 2112

Phone: (02) 9808 5050

Child Friendliness
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