Cafe 35 | West Ryde

Who would have ever thought that West Ryde would have so many amazing cafés and now we can add another to our list, Café 35!


Hop off the train at West Ryde station, walk down the stairs toward Rydeale Rd, cross the road and you are there! This cafés menu contains both middle eastern inspired food as well as western. After you eat, head next door to the Lebanese Loaf to get some middle eastern groceries (so many olives *drool*) and fresh Lebanese bread.

We decided to visit this café for father’s day and weren’t disappointed. After ordering, 2 baskets of complimentary Lebanese bread were brought to our table. I ordered scrambled eggs with a side of avocado. This came with some delicious olives as well as tomato.

We ordered some cheese toast and kid-sized chocolate milkshake for the kids. The milkshake was quite large, much to the excitement of the children. The rest ordered bacon and egg, the big breakfast, eggs with soujoukh and the house omelette. Everyone enjoyed their meal. The only thing that stuck out was the omelette was a bit too salty due to the cheese. The coffee tasted lovely as well. Added bonus is 10% off your coffee if you bring your own reusable cup.

In terms of facilities, it is a small café and there isn’t an area set up for the children, however they do have high chairs. Unfortunately I didn’t think to check the bathroom so I can’t comment on those facilities.

open playgrounds with cafes nearby
Anzac Park playground

Anzac Park is a short walk away which has plenty of room for the children to run around (we let ours loose thanks to their milkshake consumption) as well as a playground.

You can also catch a train to some fun parks after your breakfast. Check out our train adventures guide!

Finding Cafe 35

35 Ryedale Rd, West Ryde NSW 2114