Charles St Kitchen Review | Putney

charles st kitchen
Counter at Charles St Kitchen

My plan for today was to go to the Coffee Playground in West Ryde but I found myself in Ryde and realised that I was on autopilot driving toward my parent’s place. Oops! I decided to keep on driving and head over to a lovely cafe in Putney called Charles St Kitchen or CSK.

You are spoilt for choice when you are in Putney. There are so many great cafes and Charles St Kitchen is definitely one of them. In my absent minded state, I forgot to take pictures of the menu (d’oh) but I can assure you that you’ll love it if you have a sweet tooth, in need of a good breakfast and love coffee.

Kid's sized crazyshake charles st kitchen
Kid’s sized crazyshake

Our experience at Charles St Kitchen

My children had kids sized crazy shakes. I am not sure if there is a plain milkshake on the menu. When ordering, I did just ask for a child sized milkshake and was told there are things on it. I presumed they had meant the hundreds and thousands on the rim but I was wrong. There was so much more. It was covered in whipped cream and topped with maltesers, m&m’s a chocolate coin and a wafer biscuits.

The kids thought it was great but I think we might stick with babycinos next time. Less of a sugar rush that way!

Yummy cappuccino

I, had a sensible cappuccino and it tasted lovely.  We shared a chocolate cupcake between the three of us (because there wasn’t enough sugar already …) and it was so scrumptious. The chocolate was very dense and rich and was a nice change from the dry cupcakes we get at other cafes.

I hope to visit again and try their lunch menu and I’ll be sure to edit this post with a verdict on their warm food options.

Have you been? Tell us what you thought in the comments bellow.

Things To Do Nearby

Lardelli Park (Photo Credit: Glassgot)

About a 5 minute walk from the cafe, you’ll reach the Lardelli Park within the Putney Hill complex. There your children can watch the ducks swimming in the lake whilst they play in the playground.

From Charles St Kitchen, it is only a short drive to Putney Park. This park a favourite in summer, with their toddler pool, ample picnic area and lovely views. Plus, it is only 1km away to Kissing Point Park, right next to Kissing Point Wharf, which is a very picturesque spot. You will play equipment there for a range of ages, with a sandpit and digger, swings and cubby house for the little ones and a tall climbing gym for slightly older kids. There are also toilets, bbqs and picnic shelters.

Ferry adventures Kissing Point Park
Kissing Point Park

Finding Charles St Kitchen

The Charles St Kitchen is near the Royal Rehab on Morrison Rd and about a 10min walk from Victoria Road.

78 Charles St, Putney


  1. They do have normal milkshake, and can remove all the candies on the kids sized shakes too (so that it only has the 100s & 1000s on the rim of the cup).