Well it’s officially ‘bring a plate’ (of food) time of year. So we’ve put together a list of our favourite Christmas foods that have delighted the crowds. Now all you need to do is choose which one to make for your next Christmas party!

And we must confess that we are usually too busy getting food ready or enjoying the food to take great photos. So we have mostly used ones from the original recipe or great examples we have found online.


This antipasto cream cheese Christmas tree tastes delicious, super easy to make (as long as you are happy to get your hands messy) and looks great! Though mine didn’t look Pinterest pretty as the olives wouldn’t stick.

2Fruit and Cheese Christmas Tree

3Brie/ Camembert Bites

Just 3 ingredients but tastes amazing? Yes please. Cut a sheet of puff pastry into 16 small squares (repeat with an extra 1/2 sheet), spray a mini muffin tin, mould each square into the tin (doesn’t need to be perfect by any means), cut a wheel of Brie or Camembert into equal pieces and pop one in each puff pastry piece. And add half a teaspoon of cranberry sauce onto each one. Bake for approximately 25 mins. Allow to cool for a few minutes before serving.

4Green Wraps

Simply add your favourite filling inside garden spinach wraps. And then arrange it into the shape of a Christmas Tree, using a few toothpicks to hold in the wraps in place.

5Watermelon Christmas Trees

Give watermelon a festive look by cutting out Christmas trees – simply by cutting away some of the skin.


This was a hit last year! I chose to make it without the onion and the capsicum. It made it even ‘fresher’, such a great summer salad.

I want to try this version when I have a little more time. But did a similar (though easier) version last year with stuffed bell peppers. And arranged the basil in the shape of a Christmas tree. It looked stunning and was very delicious.

I love the simplicity of this salad. It would easily fit in with any Christmas spread.

Sweet Treats

9Mini Strawberry Santas

So cute and so simple! Just make sure your cream is firm and assemble just before eating.

10Tiny Teddy Sleighs

The hardest part of these cute tiny teddy sleighs seems to be finding mini candy canes! Got these ones from Hot Dollar at Carlingford Court. You then just need to melt a bit of chocolate, spread it on the bottom of mini milky ways (I made the mistake of using mars bars), stick the candy cane on the melted chocolate and let them set. Then flip over the sleigh and stick on a tiny teddy dipped in chocolate – or push it into the milky way a little.

11Blackforest Trifle

Trifle is always a popular dessert but our family favourite is definitely Blackforest. The day before you make the trifle make two trays of jelly, one port wine jelly and one raspberry jelly. To start cut a chocolate sponge cake into cubes (we usually just go with store bought). Open a jar of Morello cherries and separate the cherries from the juice. Mix together half the juice with some Kahlua and drizzle over the cake. Cut the trays of jelly into generous sized cubes. Layer cake, jelly and cherries adding dollops of both chocolate custard and vanilla custard. Cover the top with fresh whipped cream and crushed flakes. You might also like to put fresh cherries on top (just remember the pips when you start eating). You have to try this it is amazing!

12Christmas Tree Meringues

Simply make up some pavlova mixture, colour it green and then pipe little trees.

13Fairy Bread Christmas Tree

Super easy and very popular with kids. You can also find Christmas colour sprinkles (at Woolworths) or plain green sprinkles would look great too.

I’ve been making these for more than a decade. I buy the Woolworths home brand dark Christmas cake and (being a Queensland girl) I make them with Bundaberg rum rather than brandy. You crumble the cake and add the alcohol (or orange juice) then roll into little balls. No baking required! Decorate with melted white chocolate to look like custard dripping down the pudding. Pop some lollies on top to look like holly and enjoy!

15Christmas Tree Brownies

Make your favourite brownies, allow them to cool and cut into triangles. Use a piping bag (or a ziplock bag) to add green frosting in a squiggle before adding the sprinkles and the candy canes.

16Rum Balls

There are heaps of great recipes available online. Every family has their favourite whether they start with weetbix or milk arrowroot biscuits or chocolate ripple biscuits. You can also skip the rum and make ‘chocolate balls’. Get the kids to help you and you’ll have heaps of messy fun making these.

17Decorated Biscuits

Photo credit: Photo from My Lovely Little Nest

Decorate cookies or biscuits to look like Reindeer, Santa, Christmas trees, Wreaths, etc. Use mini marshmallows, smarties, pretzels,

Just Good Easy Delicious Food

18Mini Bread Rolls

For a bring a plate last year I took a platter of mini bread rolls with ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato with a sprinkling of Salt and pepper. So simple but it was the first empty plate! Sometimes it’s just about trying to ‘read’ the crowd. 6pm start and about an hour of performances before the food meant a lot of people had come straight from work and they were hungry!

19Pancakes With A Twist

These might be a special treat to serve up Christmas Eve or Christmas morning with your nearest and dearest. Or your might be able to make smaller ones for a platter. Use your favourite pancake recipe (or use store bought) and decorate with whipped cream, strawberries and chocolate sauce to look like Santa. For a healthier version you could make Santa’s beard with sliced banana.

Photo credit: BBC Good Food

This was a hit at my Christmas dinner last year. It is not difficult and doesn’t take much actual time, but there is a bit of waiting in between steps.

21Cob Loaf Dip

Photo credit: New Idea Food

The oversized cheesy dip served in a huge bread roll (aka cob loaf) is definitely a crowd pleaser. Mix together a tub of sour cream,a tub of cream cheese and grated cheese with your choice of extra ingredients, in a saucepan over low heat. Remove the top of the cob loaf, scoop out the inside and cut into bite size pieces leaving a large bowl-shaped bread roll that can be warmed in the oven. Then add the dip into the cob loaf and bake fo a bit longer. There are hundreds of varieties of this winner dish.

We hope you have a fabulous time at your next Christmas event and that everyone raves about the plate you brought!