We have been eating and playing our way around town (for years now) to bring you a handy list and map of play and food combos for a range of tastes, budgets and interests. And we’ve found over 150 FREE play areas and playgrounds with cafes nearby! This should make finding a good meeting point with other parents easier (well except that you are spoilt for choice!). Plus, help you when you are out with the kids and in need of a caffeine fix and a play for the kids.

All the free play areas and playgrounds with cafes nearby are within a 20km radius of Parramatta CBD. And there’s an easy walk, of up to 400m, between the play area and cafe. Note: By cafe, we mean any venue that serves food and drinks, though most are actually sit down cafes.

Seeing it is such a long list, we have divided it by where you can find the free play areas and playgrounds. They’re all marked on a Google Map we’ve created and then a summarised in one of the five articles below.

  1. Outdoor Fenced Playgrounds (34)
  2. Open Park Playgrounds (47)
  3. Shopping Centres and Shops with Play Areas and Cafes Nearby (24)
  4. Clubs and Hotels with Play Areas (42)
  5. Cafes with Play Areas on Onsite or Within Sight (20+)

Google Map of Free Play Areas and Playgrounds with Cafes Nearby


The Bells Road Social Cafe Oatlands
View of Fred Robertson Reserve from Bells Road Social cafe

Here are some of our favourites: