It may seem strange reviewing a bakery and one that is about 30kms away… BUT Glenorie Bakery is a one of a kind family friendly bakery, come cafe, and well worth the drive. We’ve actually been about 10 times in the last year! Just really wish there was something like this in the Parramatta area…

Here’s what we love about Glenorie Bakery and has us going back again and again.

  • The outdoor play area is great for young kids, with a cubby house and slide as well as some nature play elements (think logs). And there are lots of seats to see the play area from.
  • The food is DELICIOUS! From sweet treats (they have the BEST apple turnover, but it never lasts long enough to take a photo), croissants (our favourite) and breads to pies and other yummy dishes, like avocado bruschetta. Plus the bowl of chips for $7 easy feeds my two kids.
  • The indoor and outdoor set up is just gorgeous! We love the rustic comfy feel, big wooden tables and use of old bakery equipment.
  • You can eat out without breaking the budget! There are a mix of food options and prices. And I like that I can feed the three of us for less than $30 easily!
  • There is a model electric train that runs every 30mins on a track around the inside of the bakery. And every hour, the Pie Man comes out for a dance.
  • They’ve recently added a little colouring and book station for kids and adults.

Glenorie Bakery

  • We’ve always manage to get a parking spot in the carpark. And there is also parking across the road at Woolworths. Note: there is currently some construction work taking place at the shopping plaza which has reduced the carpark size.
Glenorie Bakery
Old bakery equipment outside Glenorie Bakery
Canoelands Orchard
Tractor ride at Canoelands Orchard

We’ve only ever gone for lunch and afternoon tea, but Glenorie Bakery are also open for breakfast. The opening hours are 6am to 6pm on Monday to Friday and from 6am to 5pm on weekends.

Finding Glenorie Bakery

Glenorie Bakery is located about 30kms north of Parramatta, along Old Northern Road. It’s within a small shopping complex, with toilets, butcher and clothes store.

Places of Interest Nearby

Glenorie Fairy Forest
The Glenorie Fairy Forest is about 400m away from the Bakery
Fagan Park
Fagan Park