If you’re looking to escape the heat and smoke at the moment, then a visit to The Laneway in Liverpool Catholic Club is the way to go! There’s a number of different eateries in the new air conditioned food precinct, with seating all around a BIG, fenced climbing play area full of natural light.

But first things first – Liverpool Catholic Club is a MEMBERS ONLY club. So you or another adult in your group must be a member! Membership for a year is just $7 and you will likely make back that money on member savings when buying your lunch or dinner. And they have a dress code which they were enforcing when we went – so no thongs!

Liverpool Catholic Club The Lanway Prestons
Gelato bar

Now I chose to take the family for dinner on the hottest day on record in Western Sydney… we needed an indoor air conditioned escape that didn’t involve me cooking! And of course The Laneway was BUSY! Other members of the ParraParents team visited before Christmas and just after and found it moving at a quieter pace and easy to get a table.

Liverpool Catholic Club The Lanway

Opening in November 2019, this is stage 1 of the major upgrade to the Liverpool Catholic Club. Significantly expanding its food and service offering. As is the growing trend at big local Clubs, the new food precinct is like a modern, fancy take on the humble food court. There’s a number of different eateries in short walking distance, general seating and you get a buzzer to know when to collect your food. We think it’s great for families as you can each pick and choose what they want to eat. Keeping in mind that this will likely mean you are eating at slightly different times. We ordered the kids food first and then ours – they played, ate and played.

Currently The Laneway has seating for 150 people and you can buy food from Daily Shot café, The Slice of Life (pizza), Jellyfish Gelato, Laneway Bar and Hoxton Brasserie. Once construction is finished, there’ll be seating for up to 750 people.

Liverpool Catholic Club The Lanway Prestons

My kids enjoyed the meatlovers pizza from Slice of Life, while hubby and I got some yummy sharing plates from the Hoxton Brasserie.

Liverpool Catholic Club The Lanway Prestons

But back to the main event – the play area! There’s a low level fence around it and two gated entrances on either end.

Liverpool Catholic Club The Lanway Prestons

Now this play area reminds me of the monkey enclosure at Taronga Zoo – but for kids. 🙂 It is full of ropes to climb and lots of fun! Plus three slides and other things.

There are easier and more challenging climbing parts to the play area, suiting a range of ages. And we didn’t see any mention of an age or height restriction.

Liverpool Catholic Club The Lanway Prestons

I definitely recommend wearing sneakers when visiting – we kept getting our sandals stuck in the rope mesh, making it a bit trickier to get around.

Liverpool Catholic Club The Lanway Prestons

There’s also a little section for toddlers and interactive panels around the play area.

The play area is accessible to wheelchairs. And little ones in a wheelchair would be able to play with the interactive panels. But everything else in the play area requires kids to be able to climb.

Liverpool Catholic Club The Lanway Prestons

There’s a good amount of ‘spectator’ seating around the outside of the play equipment, but inside the fence. And just outside the play area are toilets, with a parents room. Unfortunately both weren’t maintained the best when we visited (with no toilet paper and overflowing nappy bin) – but it was very busy.

Liverpool Catholic Club The Lanway Prestons
Ladies toilets

It was our first visit to the Liverpool Catholic Club and we just had eyes for The Laneway. But there’s now also a 275 seat theatre, which is hosting a range of free kids activities during the school holidays. Plus there’s an ice rink!

Liverpool Catholic Club The Lanway Prestons
School Holidays Program

The only downside of our visit to the Liverpool Catholic Club was how long it took to enter. There was long queue after long queue – and with hungry kids! First there was the member form to fill in and long line to become a new member – though greeted with a very friendly staff member. Then another long queue to sign in guests. So make sure to allow time to do this when going for the first time. And we really hope this process is improved to meet the increased number of people visiting The Laneway!

Finding the Liverpool Catholic Club

Near where the M7 meets the M5, you’ll find the Liverpool Catholic Club. It’s about 22km south-west of Parramatta. Within the Liverpool Catholic Club (to the right of reception) is the new The Laneway restaurant and play area.

There’s a multi-level carpark at the Club, offering free parking. And a bridge walkway to get you safely over to the club.

Liverpool Catholic Club The Lanway Prestons

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