First Impressions Count

The interior is a fine balance between industrial hip fused with smooth beats, which makes it feel like you are in an urban pocket of a bustling town. The perfect environment to sip on the strong, warm coffee, roasted by The Little Marionette and ponder on existential meaning or wonder what you should cook next week.


We went up to order as that is the norm at most cafés. We were quickly ushered back to our seats as they offer table service. Fantastic. I ordered eggs on toast, scrambled of course, with a side of avocado. He ordered the big breakfast with a side of hash brown. We both received cappuccinos too.

This Cafe has Game

Whilst we were waiting for our food to arrive,  I thought I’d explore the café. I was happy to see a chess/backgammon set, a few playing cards and a rubik’s cube. And at our most recent visit in August, there were a whole lot more games as well as toys for the kids.

My husband loves to solve rubik’s cube puzzles. I made sure to mix one up for him to solve. He managed to solve it in a bit over 3 minutes which means he has lost his touch! I for one couldn’t even solve one side let alone the whole thing.

Practical, Tasty and Effective

Our coffee and food arrived. The presentation was good. I expected the avocado fanned out like they do at all the new hip restaurants but it was mushed up for easy spreading. Perfect! I can actually spread this thing! They also had another green spread. I wasn’t sure what it was. It tasted smooth like butter. The owner advised that it is ground spinach mixed with some butter … a nice touch.

My husband’s big breakfast looked amazing. He was happy that we decided to try out a new place. He made special mention about the chorizo tasting spicy and “chorizoish”.

The coffee was very strong. Do not ask for an extra shot as you won’t need it. In one word, it was perfect. I have heard fantastic things about The Little Marionette in Balmain and I am glad I don’t have to drive all that way to taste their beans. At this stage, I am not sure if there are any discounts if you take your own cup but I imagine they will be on board with the movement at some stage. Remember, they are only just new!

What the Future Holds

I wandered around the café again and was sprung taking some pictures. The owner asked me if I saw the outside section. “Outside section?” I asked. I was taken through the doors that led to the bathroom and through another set of doors. OH MY HEAVENS. An outdoor section like a cool city bar accessories with some of my favourite items from, well those obsessed with the store will know straight away where.

By summer time they will have a liquor license and operate in the evenings too. The good news is, if you have too many sweets, all you need to do is walk up the stairs to the local dentist 😀


Here is their new menu.

So if you are in the area and want to check out a new cafe, try Nintey5 Cafe.


You’ll find Ryde Park a short walk away and Top Ryde City is only a few steps from Café Ninety5. Catch a bus down Victoria Rd and you’ll be a few stops away from Hardy Park as well.


Address: 97 Blaxland Rd, Ryde