Portico Chicken | Ermington Town Centre

Delicious Chicken and amazing salads. If you haven't tried Portico Chicken yet, make sure you add it to your list of places to try.

Portico Chicken
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If you’ve moved in or near Ermington, chances are locals have raved about a local gem, Portico Chicken. A place we turn to when we can’t be bothered cooking dinner or simply don’t have time.¬†And the staff are always happy for a chat and very friendly to kids.

A little secret not many people know about, Portico Chicken makes a mean coffee! It isn’t something that many speak about because they do something better than coffee. They roast chicken so well, you’ll never see the place empty.

Not only do they serve roast chicken, they have items such as chicken tenders, burgers and a huge array of tasty salads. My favourite would have to be their pesto chicken salad. Just scrumptious and extremely filling. Pro tip: wear tights or trousers to avoid having to unbuckle your belt.

Portico Chicken

When entertaining people for dinner, a great cheat is buying some gourmet salads and fooling your guests into thinking that you are a master chef. Shhh, don’t tell anyone.

The Menu

Here are some pictures of their menu. I am getting hungry just looking at it. Sorry if any of the pictures are blurry. (oops)

Getting There

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You can find Portico at Ermington Town Centre, 10 Betty Cuthbert Avenue, Ermington. There is parking along the shops and also at Woolworths. And a new toilet block at the top end of the shops, near Ace Seafoods, has just been built.