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Join the war on waste and visit responsible local cafes


Responsible CafesThere’s no doubting ParraParents love their caffeine hit. But it doesn’t have to come with such a huge toll on the environment. Did you know that in Australia over 3 billion takeaway cups and lids are wasted every year? There’s a simple way to reduce your impact…

Bring a reusable cup to your favourite cafe and say “no” to single-use cups ending up in landfill. And as an added bonus, you might even get a small discount!

Remember, it is not just coffee that gets served in a take away cup. The discounts listed below should apply to all drinks that are served in a takeaway cup. Yes that means hot chocolates, milkshakes and smoothies too!

Local List and Map of Responsible Cafes and Venues

Here is a map and list of cafes and venues in and around Parramatta who offer a discount or incentive for bringing your own reusable cup.

Cafes and Venues in the Parramatta Area

Address: Centenary Square, Church Street, Parramatta | Review | Regular coffee prices: REG $4.00 (8oz), LRG $4.50 (12oz) | Discount: $1.00

Address: 267 Victoria Road, Rydalmere | Regular coffee prices: SML $3.50, LRG $4.00, JUMBO $4.50 | Discount: $0.50

Lollipops Parramatta

Address: 3/175 James Ruse Dr, Camellia | Review | Regular coffee prices: S $4.00 M $4.50 L $5:00 | Discount: $0.50

Address: 5 Emma Crescent, Wentworthville | Regular coffee prices: SML $3.50, LRG $4.00, EXTRA LRG $5.00 | Discount: $0.50

Address: Corner Charles and Union Street, Parramatta | Review | Regular coffee prices: REG $4.40 (8oz)*, LRG $4.90 (12oz)* | Discount: $0.40 (*includes a handmade chocolate)

Address: Blaxland Riverside Park, Jamieson Street, Homebush | Review | Regular coffee prices: REG $3.80 (8oz), LRG $4.30 (12oz) | Discount: $0.20

Address: 88 Calder Road, Rydalmere | Review | Regular coffee prices: SML(8oz) $3.50, LRG (12oz) $4.00 | Discount: double stamp on coffee loyalty card

Some Favourites Just Outside the Area

Address: 78 Charles Street, Putney | Review | Regular coffee prices: SML (6oz) $3.00, MED (8oz) $3.50, LRG (12oz) $4.00 | Discount: $0.50

Address: Ryde Park, 30 Argyle Avenue, Ryde AND Francis Park, Blacktown Showground, 49 Richmond Road, Blacktown | Review Ryde, Blacktown | Regular coffee prices: REG $3.50 (8oz), LRG $4.00 (12oz) | Discount: $0.50

Address: Rhodes Park, Killoola Street, Concord West | Review | Regular coffee prices: MED $4.50 (12oz) | Discount: $0.50

Address: 109A Kent Rd, North Ryde | Every Saturday and Sunday when the canteen is open | Discount: $0.50

Missing a Cafe or Venue?

Is your favourite coffee pit stop not listed? If they offer a discount or incentive for using reusable cups, then let us know. We can add them to this list of “responsible cafes“. And if they’re not on board yet, start the conversation and inspire them to join the #reuserevolution and war on waste.  Remember, there is no provision under the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code that prevents a customer from using their own container for storage of food purchased.

Responsible Cafes

Reusable Cups

Responsible Cafes
Star Wards keep cup anyone?

So where can you grab a reusable cup from? A number of the cafes listed here actually sell reusable cups – perfect if you forget to take one with you.

You can generally buy a reusable cup from major retailers and a travel mug does the trick. There are also a few Aussie companies manufacturing and selling reusable coffee cups that you can buy online. They comes in a number of shapes, sizes and designs to suit a range of tastes and preferences. Keep Cup is one example and another is Frank Green.