River Cafe Parramatta | Meriton Dining Precinct, Parramatta

Finally there is a great, family-friendly cafe with views of Parramatta River in Parramatta! UPDATED: 29th September 2017.

River Cafe Parramatta
River Cafe Parramatta

River Cafe Parramatta opened about a month ago in the new Altitude building on Church/ Eat Street. And I am sure I am not the only one that has been waiting for this type of cafe for AGES!

Before I had even gone, I was won over by ‘on Parramatta River’, ‘water views’ and their good kids menu. Well actually that they even had a kids menu as it shows that they thought about us parents (and our kids)! Then we went and were so well looked after by Gary and his team, and had such a delicious lunch. Plus, we combined our visit with a ferry trip up from Rydalmere and play at Parramatta River Foreshore Reserve playground. So it was a great experience all round and we were all keen to come back.

I am happy to report that it does have water views – and not ones you need to twist your head in a certain way to see. Though they will look a lot better once the fencing comes down and landscaping is done in between the building/ cafe and river. This is scheduled to be completed around mid October.

When deciding where to have lunch on Father’s Day – River Cafe Parramatta was the clear winner. So back we went for another yummy meal, and a glass of wine this time. Yes, they are licensed! Told you, you have been waiting for this sort of cafe 🙂

River Cafe Parramatta are open for breakfast and lunch. And as of end September 2017, they are open in the evenings as a tapas and wine bar from Thursday to Saturdays from 5pm. We have only eaten at lunch time, but the big breakfast and tapas look yum.

There is both indoor and outdoor seating. And I didn’t want to get off the new comfy couches out the front today. I can so imagine sitting there with a good book, tea and nice lunch – for a few hours! Without the kids of course…

River Cafe Parramatta

The space inside is small so a bit cramped for prams, but one or two should be able to fit depending on how busy they are. There is however seating outside and room for prams along side the tables. Just a word of warning though, it can get a bit windy outside.

River Cafe Parramatta

The menu seems to be somewhat of a guide at the moment, with items changing slightly depending on produce available. But I like that as it means there is something different to try each time we go. Meals are a little bit on the pricier side but that is to be expected given the location and quality, so worth it in my books.

Having recently opened, River Cafe Parramatta are still finding their feet a little but have a winning combo. Lovely cafe decor, great location, delicious food and family-friendly, plus Gary (the owner, with a very dry sense of humour) is passionate about it being a fab cafe.

Finding River Cafe Parramatta

River Cafe is located in the new Meriton Altitude building at 330 Church Street. It is not obvious from the street how to get there though. And unfortunately helpful signage is lacking at the moment. So go to ALEX&Co, near the Lennox Bridge, and walk along the path, through the scaffolding, with the river on your left. River Cafe is right at the far end, opposite Secure Riverbank Car Park.

You can also access the cafe from Secure Riverbank Car Park – just head towards the Meriton Service Apartments entrance and walk along the side passage. It will be excellent when they open access from Parramatta River Foreshore in a month or two, once the landscaping is completed.

In addition to parking in the Secure car park, there is parking under the Meriton Altitude building as well as at Novotel Parramatta ($10 per 6hrs).

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  1. Still sitting here waiting for my food after 1 hour and 39 minutes but at least the coffee only took 1 hour and 1 minuet. The atmosphere not great as you overhear other complaining about the wait and a construction site right next to it. This place a great example of what a cafe shouldn’t do!

    Food ended up taking 1 hour 48minutes management apologies then does the same thing to other customers coffee had to be ordered 4 times before it came.

    Food was okay but over priced for what it was nice. Would never recommend!

    • Wow that it terrible! I am so sorry to hear you had that experience. Hoping it was just a really bad day as we have never had to wait long and always enjoyed our food.