Did you know we buy a million plastic bottles every minute! With only a small amount of these bottles ever being recycled. So sadly, the vast majority leave a lasting impact on our environment.

Beat the bottle

Thankfully it’s now easier to help the environment and your wallet! Just carry a reusable water bottle and fill it up at one of the new water refill stations at some of our favourite parks.

Water Refill Stations City of Parramatta

Sydney Water has recently donated five water refill stations to the City of Parramatta, as part of the Beat the Bottle campaign. An incredible 36,000 plastic bottles could be saved from landfill or the environment each year from just one of these water refill stations! You will find them at:

  • Barton Park, North Parramatta – next to the amenities building about 80 metres from the playground.
  • Binalong Park, Toongabbie – between the amenities building and the cricket nets about 80 metres from the playground.
  • Don Moore Reserve, North Rocks – between the function room and the netball courts about 50 metres from the playground.
  • Dundas Park, Dundas – on the edge of the walking circuit next to the ‘dry’ playground and the Phillip Ruddock Water Playground.
  • North Rocks Park, North Rocks – between the tennis courts and the oval about 50 metres from the playground.

The refill stations have a bubbler on the side and a large bottle shaped opening so you can easily refill your water bottle. Keep in mind that some of the water refill stations aren’t directly next to the playgrounds. They are catered to all users of the park – sporting teams, walkers/bushwalkers, picnickers and to us, the playground lovers. See locations above.

North Rocks Park

AND, in the last few weeks City of Parramatta Council has also added all-abilities water fountains (aka bubblers) to the following parks:

The arched flow of water makes the bubblers easy to drink from. And you can fill up your water bottle by angling it slightly. The excess water runs down into a little catchment bowl for pet dogs. And I’m sure birds and other wildlife will have a sip of water too.

The ParraParents team participated in Sydney Water’s Beat The Bottle initiative when they held a clean-up along Parramatta River in July. We joined other families ridding the river foreshore of plastic and other pesky waste. And helped to keep Sydney’s waterways beautiful.

Water Refill Stations

It was a lovely day out and we were rewarded with a free reusable stainless steel water bottle, listening to funky beats from Purple Sneakers DJ’s and joining in with The Junkyard Beats interactive workshop.

Beat the Bottle Parramatta

And the best bit. 167kgs of rubbish was collected in one hour at the clean up!

Beat the Bottle Parramatta

During 2016-17, Sydney Water removed nearly 2,000 cubic metres of litter from waterways, including 1 million plastic bottles. Drink containers are a huge part of the problem. The Beat the Bottle campaign hopes to raise awareness of the fact that drinking tap water is a simple way we can all help reduce our reliance on single use plastics.

Let’s GET DRASTIC on PLASTIC! PLEASE beat the bottle and do your bit to avoid single use plastic!