Poo Test and ‘Bum’ Cancer | Bowel Cancer Awareness


We have had bowel cancer scares in our family. My dad sent me this letter…….it could’ve been written by your dad.

Dear Julie,

Your brother’s wedding is a timely reminder of my parental responsibilities – and as I consider your husband part of my family, I know I should tell/remind him of the importance of getting a regular medical check-up – including for bowel cancer. I would not be writing about Trent’s wedding if I had not been tested back in 2004. I would have died after a long and painful decline over some of those years – and been dead for the past few. Instead, I had the simple ‘poo test’ – which showed some blood – so I had a colonoscopy followed by the minor ‘scrape’ in hospital and I have been living a totally normal life. I’m sure you know which you would prefer for Sam – even on his most annoying days!

How did I feel about it at the time? Probably a little embarrassed getting the sample (but the instructions are now very clear and just so simple these days!). The colonoscopy ‘prep’ drink is also so much easier now! Two things in the whole event really surprised me. Firstly was just how proud I felt to be able to tell people I had had the good sense to do it! Secondly, my greater appreciation of life and how much more I was driven to do and enjoy the great things in life.

I cannot recommend it too highly. Make Sam request the test today!

Lots of love Dad

June is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

I asked my dad if he could write a paragraph about when he had his “bum cancer” and this was what he wrote back. He was very proud that I wanted to spread awareness and yes he thinks I’m cheeky!

Prevention Really is the Key

Please ask the person you love to have regular medical check ups, including for bowel cancer.
Screening regularly from age 50 is recommended however it’s best to speak to your GP. Due to personal medical history and possible hereditary reasons they may wish to screen you earlier.

**** This article is the first in a series raising awareness of important health issues. We hope to provide helpful information and gentle reminders for ParraParents to stay healthy ****

Bowel Cancer Awareness