Weekly Activity Calendar for Toddlers and Preschoolers


Earlier this year I was looking for a way to help my almost 3yr know what we had on in the week and also to have him involved in deciding how we would spend some of our time.

I wanted a calendar on the wall where we could stick up what activities we were doing. Something we could adjust from day to day and week to week. And something that the kids could easily help set up. A weekly activity calendar is what I decided we needed.

I did a quick search on Pinterest and found two designs that I liked.

Neither of them were available to download but they seemed easy enough to replicate. I set to work creating my weekly activity calendar in PowerPoint. Once the calendar template was done, I created activity squares that I could stick onto the calendar. I went through what we usually do (and what I wanted us to be doing) and then found free clip art to go with each activity.

weekly activity calendarNext I printed the calendar and activity squares, cut out the activity squares, laminated them and then cut the laminated activity squares. Plus laminated the calendar.

This was the time consuming bit but made easier with a paper trimmer and laminator at home. I was cursing myself at the time – whose crazy idea was this – but looking back now, it was worth the effort and time. We continue to use the calendar and it has been so helpful in so many ways.

I used velcro to stick the activity squares to the calendar and put some velcro around the calendar to store the activity squares we weren’t using. I also have a stash of activity squares we use less frequently in a drawer.Weekly Activity Calendar for Preschoolers

It is more fluid then it looks….we usually do it up on Sunday for the week and then shift each day depending on how we are feeling, the weather and play date invites.

The structure of our days is consistent though. We always have about two hours at home in the morning, spend the rest of the morning and lunch out and then come home for nap time. We then have 2-3hrs in the afternoon before dinner. After dinner, there is about 30-45mins before our bedtime routine – bath, read and bed. This is why I divided the days on the calendar into sections. You could however just have each day as one long block, to fill up as you wanted.

weekly activity calendarIf you want to make one of these weekly activity calendars yourself, you can download my PowerPoint file for free. Simply click on the download image. Or download the pdf version here.

Some Important Notes:

  • The calendar and activity squares are on A3 pages.
  • When putting the cut out activity squares into the laminating pouches, leave at least 1cm space between each so they can seal properly.
  • When cutting out the laminated activity squares, remember to leave about a 0.5cm border around the edge so the laminating doesn’t come under stuck.
  • The top section under the day is for the weather.
  • I use a star with blue tac to indicate which day of the week it is.
  • Ideally, the calendar needs to be in a place the kids can see. But get ready for them having fun moving things around.