Finding a Flexible Job | Handy Resources


Many parents decide that they only want part time or a flexible role once they are ready to get back into the workforce to either spend some time with their children, help with school pick ups and a myriad of other reasons. We all know of Seek, My Career, Career One and LinkedIn, however I thought I’d find some websites that help specifically with flexible jobs.

With the help of some of the mums in the Parramums Facebook Page (Parramatta District Mums), we have compiled a list that may help you. If you know of any others, please comment below.


A flexible careers jobs website. They seem to be affiliated with some great companies so definitely check it out.


Beam is yet another new website to find flexible jobs. Businesses and Individuals looking for work can put their post for free. Businesses only pay once a candidate has been found.


This website has some resources for Mums as well as jobs created specifically for mothers looking for flexibility.


Power To Fly is another website targetted at women. It gives women the opportunity to find work from home. It is a US based site however some employers are able to hire from abroad.


Puffling is a website that is currently in Beta. It is focused for women in the Advertising industry however they have a separate waiting list for other industries. The way it works is that you advise what your industry and role is and they find another person who can job share with you. I’ve put myself on the wait list!


Ozlance is a website which many companies in Australia use to hire freelancers.If you have any skills such as copywriting, data entry, design, development, telemarketing etc you can sign up as a freelancer. You need an ABN as you are working for yourself. You’ll receive emails if there are jobs matching your skills and you can apply for them. This is more for those who are ok with inconsistent workflow.


Upspot is yet another new website. This is targeted at freelance software engineers and developers. It connects these freelances to startups across Australia.


A recruitment agency specifically to help mums find flexible jobs. This isn’t just a job search tool. It is an actual recruitment agency.


Another Flexible Jobs website for mums. Simply click on Job Search and see what’s avaialable


Excited for Mondays offers career counselling. Something that might be useful if you have been out of the workforce for a while.


Hired is an online website for finding full time or contract opportunities which allow you to work remotely from home. You put your profile together with your skills and hourly rate and go from there.