Natalie from Tiari & Co gives us an insight into what it is like to be a mumtrepeneur


Tiari & Co is a baby and children’s lifestyle store, established by stay-at-home mum Natalie in October 2014. Inspired by her two little daughter’s Tiana and Ariana, Natalie noticed a gap in the local market for unique and quality children’s apparel and soon after Tiari & Co was created; a one-stop shop with an extensive selection of children’s fashion, décor, accessories and toys, primarily focusing on handmade, organic and ethically sourced products.

Tiari & Co

What’s it like being a mumtrepeneur?

We know of a lot of other mums wanting to start out doing their own thing and thought we would ask Natalie some Questions.

Q. Natalie, well done on establishing your business that you can run from home. What were your initial feelings when you decided to go ahead with this business?

Thank you! I couldn’t have decided to go ahead with Tiari & Co at a crazier time in my life. At the time I had a 15 month old and a 2 month old but as soon as I thought of the concept I jumped right into the deep end. Having been a stay-at-home mum for over a year I was craving to find my creative outlet and at the same time have the freedom to work for myself and stay home with my girls. I felt passionate and enthusiastic about turning my dreams into reality. I remember feeling excited and was ready for the challenge.

What made you decide to establish Tiari & Co?

Tiari & Co was brought to life because of my two beautiful daughters Tiana (2 yrs old) and Ariana (1yr old). After having Tiana I created a blog ‘Mummybabyblogger’ on Instagram about my experiences of parenthood and my favourite mummy and baby products. It is here that I noticed a gap in our local market for beautiful handmade, local, organic and unique baby and kids products that could not be found in mainstream stores. My eyes were opened to these amazing brands nearly all designed and created by fellow mums and I was inspired by the amazing people I met along the way.

Q. Did you ask others how they set up their online stores or did you just start contacting suppliers yourself?

No, I didn’t get any guidance with launching Tiari & Co. I took a big leap of faith and just started contacting suppliers. Because I had a blog prior to opening Tiari & Co, I was lucky that my ‘followers’ soon became my ‘suppliers’ and together with my background in business management and 10 years retail experience Tiari & Co came alive.

Q. How do you attract customers to your store?

Social media and word of mouth are my main platforms for advertising. Social media has become a part of our everyday lives, for most people it’s the first thing they do in the morning and the last thing they look at in the evening. The power of social media till this day blows me away! Not only is it the greatest marketing tool but without Instagram and Pintrest my eyes wouldn’t have been opened to the incredible brands that I stock at Tiari & Co. Also, I love that I can interact with my customers on a daily basis and can instantly respond to enquiries or questions. Word of mouth is also a valuable form of advertising for me. There is nothing more rewarding than having happy and satisfied return customers that recommend your products and services.

Q. You mentioned social media, do you find it difficult to manage your online marketing via social media and being a stay at home mum? What are your tips for others?

Being a mum of two active toddlers whilst managing my online marketing has been a challenge but I love it! This is my third year as a stay-at-home mum and I crave that stimulation and challenge. Most of my work and creative thinking is done in the evenings once my girls are in bed. To save time, I create some of my social media posts before I go to bed and then just upload it the next day. To be able to stay on top of it all you need to be very organised. Personally, I find the more things I have to do the more organised and efficient I am.

Q. What have been some of your best selling items?

Kid’s interiors are huge at the moment! From wall prints to wooden garlands to baby blankets; creating beautiful spaces for our little people has never been so fun and diverse. Also our wooden role play toys and our very own baby milestone cards that are exclusive to Tiari & Co have been a favourite.
Tiari & Co

Q. What are some of your current favourite items you are selling?

This is a tough one as there is nothing we stock that we don’t love! At Tiari & Co we have a strong focus and appreciation for handmade, organic, unique and ethically sourced apparel and products so I’d have to say our new Jaime King for Sapling Child collection is just beautiful. Their eco-friendly, non-toxic clothing and essentials is what every child needs in their wardrobe. We will also be stocking ‘He and Her the Label’ for the third consecutive season and once again I fell in love with the quality of their clothing. He and Her the Label put a lot of emphasis into sourcing the softest cotton to create the best possible fit for your child. We also recently launched our very own party décor line, including cake toppers, hand painted wooden spoons and confetti.
Tiari and Co

Q. What would you like to tell others that are interested in starting out their own business?

Have a plan, be organised and establish a routine so you can have a good work life balance. Be prepared for long nights and hard work. Most importantly, if you can dream it, you can achieve it! In the end we only regret the chances we didn’t take.

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