Anna Maria King ParkThere are times when you just need a good old safe and simple playground for a quick play. Anna Maria King Park is a small local playground in Dundas that fits that bill. There’s nothing overly special about this playground but it’s completely fenced and gated, it’s quiet, and it’s well maintained.

This small fenced playground is best suited for ages 2-8 and contains:

  • climbing play gym with slide, stairs, ropes, binoculars, steering wheel and pretend shop
  • monkey bars
  • two swings (including one toddler swing)
  • abacus
  • steering wheels
  • see-saw
Anna Maria King Park

The surface is synthetic grass that is in fairly good condition, so crawling babies would be able to enjoy exploring here too. There is a small grassy area at the front of the park which could be used to play small games. There is a path that goes around the edge of the playground for riding bikes and scooters. The park also contains a sheltered picnic table and a park bench.

Anna Maria King Park

The other thing to like about this small local park is that it backs onto the train line. Every so often a train will go whizzing past which will surely attract the interest of any train enthusiast child. It is worth noting though that the Dundas train line only services a train approximately every 30mins so you may need to wait a little while!

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Getting to Anna Maria King Park

Anna Maria King Park is located in between number 34 and 36 Rippon Ave Dundas. There is plenty of street parking available. It is a six minute walk from Dundas station along Kissing Point Road and Rippon Ave.