Auburn Botanic Gardens is a must visit for families! It is high on the list of places we recommend the most. While beautiful all year round, it is particularly gorgeous in spring with the blooming cherry blossoms and autumn with the changing leaves. And there is the annual Sydney Cherry Blossom Festival (17th to 26th August 2018) to celebrate these beautiful natural spectacles.

There is so much to enjoy at the gardens. Here are some of the main attractions.

Japanese Garden

The Japanese Garden is spectacular.

Auburn Botanic Gardens

There are large koi carp fish, beautiful ducks swimming and two small waterfalls. It is a great place to reflect.

Auburn Botanic Gardens

Native Animals

The fauna reserve has wallabies, kangaroos, emus and ducks. The layout is done well and the children can feel like they are up close and personal with these native animals.

Auburn Botanic Gardens

The feeding times are 10am and 2pm on weekends. We usually see the keepers cleaning the enclosures when we go on a weekday morning and they are happy to answer questions.

Community Reading Box – Street Library

Auburn Botanic Gardens

At the entrance to the native animal enclosure, you will now find a lovely community reading box where you can take a book and leave a book.

Playground Inside the Gardens

The playground is not gated but it’s far at the back of Auburn Botanic Gardens, far away from cars. It is accessible for toddlers and definitely a favourite. There is a liberty swing and a maze, plus some picnic tables. While still great for young kids, it was built over 10 years ago now and showing some wear. The other small downside of this playground is that there is a recording of native animals that includes some scary roar-like sounds. It is turned on via a sensor. It left my youngest in tears. Hopefully Council can change the recording to birds chirping instead.

Auburn Botanic Gardens

Thankfully Cumberland Council will be upgrading the playground and adding water play equipment. The current plan as we understand is to remove the play equipment and create a nature based play area. Then build a new regional playground just outside Auburn Botanic Gardens near Duck River.

Auburn Botanic Gardens

Just Outside the Gardens

Just outside the gardens, is a large picnic area with a large number of bbqs and covered picnic tables. Makes for a great spot for family gatherings, with a wander around the gardens afterwards. There are also three sets of play equipment throughout the area, including a climbing play gym for little ones and swings and monkey bars.


Auburn Botanic Gardens is FREE during on week days, during school term. Outside these hours, it is free for Auburn residents and kids under 16yrs. For everyone else, it is $4 on weekends and during the school holidays. And then it is $5 during the Cherry Blossom Festival.Auburn Botanic Gardens

Opening Hours

  • During Daylight Saving: Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm. Saturday and Sunday 9.00am to 6.00pm.
  • During the Rest of the Year: 9.00am to 5.00pm every day of the week.

Finding Auburn Botanic Gardens

The gardens are tucked away in suburbia, between Auburn and Guildford train stations. They are just over 7km south-east of Parramatta CBD. There is free on-site parking or you can get there by bus 909 from Auburn train station. Plus, there is a free community shuttle bus service that runs from Auburn station to the gardens.

Places of Interest Nearby

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Steamroller and scooter track