If your kids love trains then the fenced the Bales Park Playground is worth a visit….and even if they don’t, I am sure there is plenty to entertain a child aged 2-7 for an hour or two.

Located in the back streets of Chatwoods, the medium sized Bales Park Playground has a great kid sized wooden train that they can play in. There is also a sand pit, slides inlaid into a small mound, plenty of swings, scooter/ bike track and a wooden climbing structure.

Bales Park Playground Chatswood

Next to Bales Park playground is a sportsfield, where dogs can exercise off the leash. The toilet block is located on the other side of the field near the community centre and childcare centre.

Bales Park Playground Chatswood

Every time we’ve visited it’s been busy, and we’ve struggled to get good photos.

Finding Bales Park

Entry to the playground is off Stanley Street.