park snapshot - no shadeIt’s no wonder Beecroft Train Park is a popular playground! And a great place to meet for a play date with other families. It’s fenced, right near Beecroft Village with all its lovely cafe and shops (sadly the great children’s bookstore is now closed) and has a nice range of play equipment for toddlers and preschoolers. Plus, Beecroft Place shopping centre just up the road has free 3hr parking! And if your kids are train enthusiasts, there’s the added bonus of being able to see the trains coming and going at the station next door, which is why it is also called Beecroft Train Playground.

Beecroft Railway Station Gardens

It’s a medium sized playground with soft fall ground and has a great train themed play gym, swings, merry go round and rockers, plus a train mosaic wall that the kids can look through to see the trains at Beecroft station.

With no shade from the morning sun, it’s perfect on a winters day. Or on a not so hot spring or autumn morning but best left for the afternoon on a hot summer’s day.

There are plenty of places for parents to seat inside the playground, with stone seating going along most of the fence. There are also some picnic tables and seats outside of the playground but still in the park. The closest toilets are in the shopping arcade on Hannah St, near Long Shot cafe. And Beecroft Place shopping centre also has a nice family room.

Beecroft Railway Station Gardens

If you are after something to eat or drink, there are plenty of cafes nearby. Chicken and Fishhead is across the road, south of the playground. Beehive is in Beecroft Village and Long Shot, plus there’s the new Play Coffee in Beecroft Place.

Play Coffee Beecroft
The new Play Coffee

We’ve mostly gone to Chicken and Fishhead. The staff are welcoming of the kids, they have a good kids menu and provide books and colouring pencils. It’s a tight space so prams most likely need to be left outside.

You should be able to get a parking spot in one of the many shopping car parks easily during the week. And the Beecroft Place shopping centre has free 3hr parking and there are lots of pram parking spots. You can also catch the train, but keep in mind that there’s no lift at Beecroft train station if you are bringing a pram.

Finding Beecroft Train Park

The Beecroft Train Park is right next to Beecroft train station (which doesn’t have a lift). There’s now a lot more parking available with Beecroft Place shopping centre. Plus you can still park across the road at a few small off-street car parks.

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