Bernie Mullane ReserveThe already popular, fenced playground at Bernie Mullane Reserve is now even better! With the addition of a shaded water playground and expanded play space, making it more inclusive of kids of all abilities. Plus it’s the only free, shaded water playground in Sydney that is within a gated space. There’s something so stress relieving about taking my preschoolers to a fenced playground – I literally can feel my blood pressure dropping!

The bulk of the upgrade was completed in September 2017. And additional shade sails were installed in 2018 over the water playground, trampolines and swings – YAY! Keep in mind that the photos in this article are a mixture of pre and post shade sails being installed.

Bernie Mullane Reserve
Artist impression of the new Livvis Place at Bernie Mullane Reserve

The work was done in conjunction with the wonderful Touched By Olivia Foundation. As a result, the playground is now known as Livvi’s Place the Hills.

Bernie Mullane Reserve Livvi's Place The Hills

When we first visited the new Livvi’s Place it was on a warm spring day and I regularly heard kids screaming and crying when it came time to leave (my boys included). Always a good sign! And it’s pretty much been the same every other time we have visited since. Our top tip is to visit on a school day just after lunch time if you can… it’s definitely the quietest time to visit. On weekends, it is packed with birthday parties and lots of other families.

Bernie Mullane Reserve Livvi's Place The Hills

Bernie Mullane Reserve Livvi's Place The Hills

I love that there is now seating under shade cloths and a water play area within the gated playground.

Bernie Mullane Reserve Livvi's Place the Hills

Plus that musical instruments, in-ground trampolines, BBQS and swings have been added. And better not forget that the merry-go-round can now be easily spun!

Bernie Mullane Reserve Livvi's Place the Hills

It seems some parents are still unaware of the water playground being added… so remember to bring swimmers and a towel, or a change of clothes for your kids!

Bernie Mullane Reserve Livvi's Place The Hills

When we visited in spring 2017, I was roasted sitting on the sandstone wall around the outside of the water play area. Thankfully shade sails have since been installed! There is also some shade just behind, if you are lucky to score a spot.

Bernie Mullane Reserve Livvi's Place The Hills

With a lack of shade over the new section, we held off visiting again until autumn. And were very excited to see additional shade sails being installed when we visited late March 2018. We are happy to report that they are over the water play area and another two others are over the swings and trampolines.

Bernie Mullane Reserve Livvi's Place the Hills

The new extended play area has a softfall ground, along with a concrete path that is great for kids to ride on. A sensory garden has been included and looks so much more lush and vibrant compared to when Livvi’s Place first opened.

The expanded playground is great for toddlers through to primary school kids and contains:

  • a number of climbing play gyms with tunnels and slides
  • water playground with tipping buckets, jets and two spinning water spouts
  • three swings, including a toddler and birds nest seats
  • in-ground trampolines
  • musical instruments
  • in-laid wide slide, with ramp access
  • sand pit
  • stepping stones
  • two merry-go-rounds – both an in ground one and a vertical, hold on one
  • long tunnel
  • grassed area to run around and small bike/ scooter track.

Other Facilities

Next door is the Bernie Mullane Sports Complex. Here you will find toilets and can pick up a coffee or a simple bite to eat at the kiosk.

There is also a long, wide footpath around the complex that is great for riding bikes or scooters on or just going for a walk as well as netball courts, tennis courts, soccer fields, cricket pitches, picnic shelter with BBQ and basketball courts.

Finding Bernie Mullane Reserve

Livvi’s Place the Hills is located about 15kms north of Parramatta CBD and next to the Bernie Mullane Leisure Centre. Entrance is via Marella Ave, Kellyville and there is lots of free on-site parking.

Places of Interest Nearby

Bernie Mullane Reserve
View of fenced, shaded playground right next to The Local Trade