Are you looking for some mini theme park thrills for the kids, but without the entry fees? Well here are 20 BIG slides at free playgrounds in and around the City of Parramatta! Some or all should put a smile on your little dare devils face. And yes, they are good fun for parents as well…

We have roughly ordered the big slides from longest to shortest (big) slide. But didn’t get out the tape measure, so they may be a bit out of order. Please let us know if there is another BIG slide at a local playground to add to the list.

Remember, the slides are going to suit kids of different ages and skill/ fear levels. And the bigger the slide, the more chance for accidents to happen. Plus the slides get HOT in the sun, so are best visited on a cloudy, cooler day or when not in direct sunlight.

1Altrove Hilltop Park | Schofields [CLOSED]

Address: Corner of Hoy Street and Overly Crescent, Schofields | The 30m metal slide at Hilltop Park has sadly been closed after only about month. It will though be relocated to another site (yet to be announced). | More Info |

Address: Vine Street, Fairfield | Summary: Large playground, three big slides reached via rope climbing, sand pits, obstacle course, toilets, picnic tables, little shade, street parking, Fairfield Leisure Centre across the road | More Info |

3Putney Park | Putney

Address: Pellisier Road, Putney | Summary: three small to medium playgrounds, two big slides accessed via stairs (but the one at the south/ top playground is deceiving and very slow!), water views from bottom playgrounds, mix of shade sails and natural shade, bbqs, toilets, on-site parking, access to Putney Punt, open grassed areas | More Info |

Address: 5 Viscount Pl, Liverpool | Summary: medium playground, fenced at shopping centre, one big slide accessed via stairs in tower and rope bridge, soft ground, toilets | More Info |

5Bungarribee Park | Western Sydney Parklands, Doonside

Address: Doonside and Holbeche Roads, Bungarribee | Summary: Large playground, four big slides reach via play tower and stairs, sand pit, water play, flying foxes, swings, bbqs, toilets, on-site parking | More Info |

Address: 15 Ward Street, Epping | Summary: large playground, three big slides – largest one accessed by rope tower, bark ground, toddler play area, basketball court, sports fields, bbqs, toilets, little shade, on-site parking, accessible by bus | More Info |

7Lakes Edge Park | The Ponds

Address: Claret St, The Ponds | Summary: medium playground, one big slide reached via rope tower, partially fenced, shaded play area for little ones, swings, lake, ducks, metal sculptures, bbqs, toilets, street parking | More Info |

Address: Elizabeth Street, Parramatta | Summary: medium playground, one big slide accessed via stairs/ ramp, water views and river closeby, sand and softfall ground, along Parramatta River, street parking, near Parramatta wharf and Church Street cafes, some natural shade, accessible by bus | More Info |

9Strathfield Park | Strathfield

Address: Homebush Road, Strathfield | Summary: large playground, four big slides accessed via stairs and rope bridges, softfall ground, scooter/ bike track, open grassed area, some natural shade and shade sails, toilets, picnic shelters, bbqs, street parking, accessible by bus. | More Info |

Address: Piddington Street, The Ponds | Summary: medium playground, one big slide accessed via stairs, flying fox, in-ground trampolines, grassed area, no toilets, no shade, street parking | More Info |

11Banjo Paterson Park | Gladesville

Address: Punt Road, Gladesville | Summary: medium playground, one big slide accessed via stairs in tower, bark ground, some shade, picnic spots along the river, toilets, bbqs, walking trails, trees to climb and lots of on-site parking | More Info |

12Stockland Wetherill Park | Wetherill Park

Address: 561-583 Polding St, Wetherill Park Summary: small to medium playground, one big twisted slide reached via ladder and rope, softfall ground, at shopping centre, on-site parking, cafes nearby | More Info |

Address: Jamieson Street, Silverwater | Summary: large playground, three big slides accessed via climbing up mound, water views, mix of soft fall and synthetic grass ground, water playground section (no shade), lots of BBQs (including along Parramatta River), Armoury Wharf Cafe, toilets, on-site parking, cycle paths, large picnic shelters, picnic tables, large grassed area | More Info |

14Elouera Reserve | Macquarie Park

Address: 84 Waterloo Rd, Macquarie Park | Summary: medium to large playground, two big slides, another steep short slide, softfall and bark ground, bbqs, picnic shelters, scooter/ bike track, street parking, accessible by bus and train | More Info |

15Domain Creek Playground | Parramatta Park

Address: Queens Road entrance, Parramatta Park | Summary: large playground, one big slide accessed via rope ladder, sand and softfall ground, some natural shade, bbqs, toilets, on-site parking, ducks, cycle path, sand pit, water pump, accessible by train and bus | More Info |

16Tuckwell Park | Macquarie Park

Address: Fontenoy Rd, Macquarie Park | Summary: medium playground, one big plastic slide accessed climbing mound, softfall and bark ground, open grassed area, bike path, combo of some natural shade and shade sails, picnic tables, toilets, on-site parking, Eden Gardens cafe nearby | More Info |

17Cavanstone Park | Old Eastwood Brickworks

Address: Cavan Drive, Eastwood | Summary: small to medium playground, one big slide accessed via ladder, another double slide, old Eastwood Brickworks, toilets, bbqs, paths to ride on, street parking | More Info |

18King George Park, Constellation Playground | Rozelle

Address:  | Summary: medium playground, two big mound slides accessed via stairs or mound, softfall and woodchip ground, flying fox, sand pit, bbqs, picnic tables, views of Parramatta River, cycle and walk way. | More Info |

19Caber Park | Winston Hills

Address: 29 Clackmannan Road, Winston Hills | Summary: large playground, one big slide (that gets covered in bird poo), bush setting, fenced toddler play area, range of play equipment, toilets, picnic shelter, BBQs, path to ride on, exercise equipment, street parking | More Info |

20Memorial Park | Meadowbank

Address: Meadow Cres, Meadowbank | Summary: medium playground, one big slide accessed via ladder, bush setting, bark ground, sand pit, water pump, bbqs, toilets, street parking, close to Meadowbank ferry wharf and train station | More Info |


Map of Playgrounds with Big Slides

Here is a Google Map of the 20 biggest playground slides with 30mins of Parramatta.

Other Big Playground Slides in Sydney

21Wulaba Park | Waterloo

Photo credit: City of Sydney Council

Address: Amelia St, Waterloo