Bill Thomson ReserveI’m sure I drove past Bill Thomson Reserve hundreds of times before I knew it was there. Because even though it can be accessed from Victoria Road, there isn’t much street frontage and it’s full of lovely trees. The reserve can also be accessed from Henry Street. And is particularly lovely to visit in autumn, with a canopy of colourful leaves and plenty to crunch under foot.

Bill Thomson Reserve

This neighbourhood playground has a little bit of everything with balancing, climbing, rocking and swinging play equipment.

If you visit outside of winter, there is good natural shade over most of the playground thanks to the gorgeous rows of trees.

Bill Thomson Reserve

The ground is a mixture of bark and synthetic grass. And there is a path through the reserve to ride on. Plus grass under the trees to play on.

Finding Bill Thomson Reserve

This small reserve sits between Henry Street and Victoria Road in Parramatta. And is directly behind a bus stop on Victoria Road.

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