The iconic Cheltenham Oval, a favourite recreation spot for locals, got an upgrade in 2019. It now has a nature play playground, new multi-purpose courts, amenities building, two cricket nets, football/ soccer oval and bushwalking track.

Cheltenham Oval

At the playground, you’ll find:

  • Tower with small slide, small angled rope climbing net, platform and ramp with rope climb
  • Upright logs with balancing pegs
  • Balancing planks amongst upright logs
  • Stepping stone style logs and rocks
  • Set of swing with one child swing and one flat swing
  • Sandstone blocks that can be used as seating or for (more!) balancing fun!

There’s rubber ground under the play equipment. And a toilet block is close by at the top of the stairs.

Cheltenham Oval

The playground at Cheltenham Oval has nice landscaping, with lots of plants. Plus, there are some trees that will grow to offer shade and help to buffer the freeway noise.

Cheltenham Oval

Cheltenham Oval has a large oval where football and soccer games are played. Plus, cricket nets, community clubhouse and three new multi-purpose courts.

Cheltenham Oval
New clubhouse (photo credit: Hornsby Shire Council)

The multipurpose courts were being used for riding bikes and scooters when we visited.

Cheltenham Oval

You’ll also find a bushwalk that starts near the edge of the netball courts – Beecroft Cheltenham LinkTrack.

Cheltenham Oval

We explored some of the track and could see that work to the track is still in progress, with sandstone blocks and a stair case being added, about 10 minutes along from the start.

It’s a lovely track with small rocks along the mostly dirt track. We enjoyed our quick bushwalk and look forward to exploring further along the track on our next visit.

Finding Cheltenham Oval

Cheltenham Oval is just north of the M2, near Epping and Beecroft. It’s on Castle Howard Road in Cheltenham. NOTE: the GPS can get confused as Castle Howard Road is split. Best to put in Oaklands Ave and then continue along Castle Howard Road from there until you reach the park.

There is on-site parking, with about 30 spots. There’s also about 10 more side of the road spots. Dependent on if a game is being played, you may need to park in a nearby street and walk in.

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