Cumberland ParkTucked away in Newington is a brand new small, local playground at Cumberland Park. It’s not far from Newington Marketplace and the larger Pierre de Coubertin Park.

Now the first thing you will probably notice is that there is just one path leading into the playground. And around the sides are sandstone blocks and landscaping that should hopefully keep little ones within the playground. It is a nice looking way of creating an enclosed style playground without a big fence. And in keeping with the feel of the rest of the park and the residential area. But of course it isn’t as secure as a fenced playground.

You will also notice that there is plenty of natural shade over the playground, thanks to lovely mature native trees surrounding it. And a lovely yellow softfall ground.

This playground has a number of nature based play elements, including logs to walk along, stumps to jump between, dinosaur eggs, sandstone blocks to climb, mounds to climb and bird footprints to find.

Within the playground you will also find three swings, including a birds nest one, and a double slide.

There is a park bench inside the playground as well as some along the circular path around Cumberland Park, which is good for riding on. You will also find a bubbler just outside the playground and a basketball court on the opposite side of the park.

Finding Cumberland Park

Cumberland Park is less than 500m from Newington Marketplace at the end of Monterey Street on Cumberland Square. There is limited street parking on Cumberland Square around the park. But you could always walk down from Newington Marketplace or Ave of Oceania.

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