Don Moore ReserveIt would be easy to not know that Don Moore Reserve exists. It’s tucked behind North Rocks Public School, next to the Muirfield Golf Club. Even once you drive in and park at the on-site car park, you may miss the fenced playground tucked behind the amenities block.

And while it’s a fun little playground, we’re looking forward to it getting upgraded in 2019.

The playground is small, with a synthetic grass ground, and perfect for toddlers and preschoolers.

Don Moore Reserve

Within the shaded, fenced area, there is the following play equipment:

  • train rocker
  • surf/skate board balancer
  • two swings, one with a toddler seat
  • climbing play gym, with slide, climbing walls and bridge
  • vertical, chain stepping poles
  • car front with two steering wheels

Other Facilities

Just outside the fenced playground are toilets, but no baby change table that we could see. Within sight of the playground, there are a number of picnic shelters and a dual bbq. Plus there are two lots of netball courts that are great for riding bikes and scooters on.

Keep in mind that Don Moore Reserve is an off leash dog park as well.

Places of Interest Nearby

Finding Don Moore Reserve

Don Moore Reserve is near North Rocks Shopping Centre and accessed by car from Barclay Road. There is an on-site car park. We haven’t tried, but it looks like you can walk alongside North Rocks Public School to come out at the intersection of North Rocks Road and Barclay Road, where North Rocks Shopping Centre is.

Buses travel along both North Rocks and Barclay Roads.


  1. Hello – I am a neighbour that lives off of Carlton Road[Walker’s]North Rocks and I came across a rusted shell of a car /no wheels etc / Dark Brown in colour. Eye Saw ! In the Parking zone of the car park about 3/4 quarters of the way down from the public school there. And- no, have not been able to mention it! Is things Okay there. Might help etc ! In Don Moore Reverse some time back- 6 months ago.