Dundas Park was our local park for a few years – we literally lived across the road from it. I loved hearing the shrills of kids playing in the water playground travelling across the oval, though don’t miss the 7am soccer matches….

Dundas Park Dundas Valley

The park is actually known by a few different names. The whole park is called Dundas Park, the sports field within it is Curtis Oval and the playground located near Yates Ave is the Philip Ruddock water playground. Not sure why one park needs three names but hey.

Dundas Park

Sadly, investigations in 2018 found asbestos under the ground at Dundas Park – in the mound running along Quarry Road, opposite the Viking Sports Club.

Dundas Park

The asbestos was dumped there by Jamies Hardie Industries before it was converted to a park. Council carried out remediation work and we’ve been advised that there is no health risk.

Dundas Park Dundas Valley

In 2019, it was great to see additional parking finally going in… after first asking for it during the community consultation for the water playground in 2014.


The playground, with a great water play area, opened in November 2015. And quickly became a local favourite.

Dundas Park

The shade sails over both the water splash area and playground make it very popular in summer.

In winter, there’s plenty of grass to run around or to fly a kite on.

The playground contains:

  • two swings
  • play gym with slide
  • Rock formation for climbing
  • Mushroom stepping stones
  • some nature based play elements

Dundas Park

The water play area has a mixture of water fountains to entertain big and small kids (and adults). My personal favourite is the misty tunnel. Dundas Park has one of the smallest water playgrounds in the area. But wet is still wet and on a warm day the kids should be happy there for at least 30-60mins, if not longer!

While shade sails are over all the play equipment, they don’t block out any of the hot afternoon summer sun. Thankfully Parramatta Council has planted some more trees along the western side of the playground that will provide more shade in a few years time.

Dundas Park

While the playground isn’t fenced, the landscaping and design does create some barrier to little ones being able to run off quickly onto the nearby roads. And thankfully in 2021, fencing has finally been placed along the park end on Yates Ave and Quarry Road.

Dundas Park

The Phillip Ruddock water play area is operated by pressing one of two buttons and runs on a 4min cycle. It’s operational from September until May from 9am to 8pm. Note: due to covid, the water playground was operational again from 2nd October 2021.

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Dundas Park Dundas Valley

Other Facilities

At the playground and water play area, there are three covered picnic tables, a dual BBQ and a water re-fill station.

BBQ dinners

The toilets are located near the shops on Yates Ave, a few minutes walk away. There you’ll find a cafe, convenience store, hairdressers and pizza restaurant.

Dundas Park
There is a path around the whole park

Exercise and Sport Equipment

The exercise equipment was recently upgraded, much to my kids disappointed. It’s now stationary equipment and there are three stations to incorporate into your workout. You will find the exercise equipment along the walk/cycle way near the basketball court and opposite from the Vikings Sports Club.

Dundas Park
Exercise equipment and basketball court at Dundas Park

There are also cricket nets, netball courts and a basketball semi court.

And the sports pavilion was upgraded in 2021, with new BBQs being added as well as a picnic table.

Street Library

Dundas Park Dundas Valley

There’s also a street library in front of the netball court along Yates Avenue.

Food Options Nearby

You’ll find Daisys by the Park, a short walk away at the Yates Ave shops. There’s a covered courtyard area great for families, particularly if you have a pram. Food is yummy and reasonably priced and they have a kids menu.

Daisys by the Park Dundas Park

Vulcano Pizzeria is open from 5pm to 8:30pm daily, serving yummy pizza’s. We often order take away during day light savings and eat at the playground.

Dundas Park

The bistro at the Vikings Sports Club, opposite the park on Quarry Road, is also usually open for lunch and dinner (pre-covid) and has a great indoor play area, particularly good for little ones. The have a kids eat free deal on Monday and Tuesday nights and a 2 for 1 pizza deal on Monday night.

Finding Dundas Park

The park is 7kms east of Parramatta CBD, just off Kissing Point Road. There’s street parking around the park and a little carpark behind the Yates Ave Shops. But it can get busy (and difficult to park) on weekends when sports games are on.

The Dundas Park can also be reached by bus from Parramatta, Eastwood and West Ryde.

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