Elizabeth Macarthur Park TelopeaElizabeth Macarthur is an important figure in the history of Parramatta. She was the colonist, pioneer, wife and mother of the now well known Elizabeth Farm. Elizabeth Macarthur Park in Telopea is named in her honour. It’s a 2.4 hectare bush reserve, with Vineyard Creek running through it and next to Vineyard Creek Reserve with a kid friendly bushwalk. Plus, there is now a new family-friendly cafe just around the corner!

Courtyard Dining & Espresso

Elizabeth Macarthur Park has a path running through it, from Telopea Street to Wylde Street that is approximately 300 metres long and good for riding on. Running off this path, is a rocky bushwalking track 200 metres long and leads to Robert Street.

Elizabeth Macarthur Park Telopea

Whilst the playground is unfenced, the play equipment is set back from the closest road, Wylde Street. Children will still need to be watched closely though as the bushland along one side is quite dense. And there is also a small creek underneath the bridge, that the path crosses, towards the Telopea Street end.

Elizabeth Macarthur Park Telopea

The playground itself has synthetic grass ground and there is a path around the play equipment that is perfect for scooters and bikes. The playground has some natural shade from all the large trees nearby.

Elizabeth Macarthur Park Telopea

The play equipment consists of a set of swings (one toddler) and a climbing play gym tower. The tower has steep steps, a rock climbing wall, a long slide, a steep rope climbing angled wall, rubber enclosed chain climbing and a ‘shop’ underneath. Extending out from the tower are monkey bars and balancing swinging ‘stepping stones’.

My children have used this playground from a young age but I think it would be best suited to kids 3 years and over.

The playground could definitely do with some TLC. In my opinion, no particular item is unsafe but it does look tired and worn. Having said that the kids never seem to notice and really enjoy being at a big kids playground.

Elizabeth Macarthur Park Telopea

The walking path is popular with train commuters and walkers alike. It would be rare not to see someone passing through.

Finding Elizabeth Macarthur Park

The park can be accessed from Wylde, Telopea and Robert Streets in Telopea. The playground is best accessed from Wylde Street, next to house number 12. There is street parking available. Elizabeth Macarthur Park is also within easy walking distance of Telopea train station.

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