Elouera ReserveKids are in for a blooming good time at the newly upgraded Elouera Reserve….thanks to a gorgeous flower bud climbing structure, almost vertical slide, in-ground trampolines, flying fox, large mound slides and nature based play elements. My boys and I were really impressed by so much of what the new playground has to offer. Loving how colourful it is, the variety of interesting and fun play equipment, plus the bush area to explore and planks to walk across to get to the different play areas.

Elouera Reserve

But no playground is ever perfect (well I haven’t found our perfect one yet!). And there are some obvious minuses with this one. Like the current lack of shade, though there are plenty of well positioned young native trees. There are no toilets even though it is a district size playground that you can easily spend a long time enjoying. It sits along a major road with no fence and paths all leading to it. And there are an abundance of stairs and bark that sadly make it inaccessible for some kids.

Elouera Reserve

Now if your kids are a certain age and you go on a cloudy day, then chances are most of those minuses won’t bother you or the kids. And there will be a lot of fun to be had.

The play equipment consists of:

  • hammock
  • two in-ground trampolines
  • flying fox
  • six swings – two with toddler seats
  • mini rope tower merry-go-round
  • flower bud climbing structure with bridge and almost vertical slide (trust me, I tried it out!) that lights up at night time
  • two in-laid slides down a climbable steep mound

Then there are wood planks running from the different play spaces across the garden that the kids can cross. Great way to introduce nature based play elements and save the garden beds.

Things to keep in mind:

  • The climbing structure is best for kids 4yrs plus, and little ones will be hard pressed to get up on their own.
  • The flying fox doesn’t have one of those cool self locking mechanisms to keep it still at the top.
  • The swings are high off the ground so you will likely need to lift your child in. But the swings have short chains so don’t swing that high.
  • The two in-laid plastic slides face east so will be hot in the morning.
  • The metal slide thankfully faces south, but still gets sun and will be hot in summer.
  • Most of the playground is set back from the road, except the two slides on the large mound.

Elouera Reserve

Other Facilities

There is a wide flat path running through the reserve, that separates the play equipment from the open grassed area. In the middle of this path is an accessible dual BBQ, two picnic tables with large shade umbrellas, a water refill station and tap.

Elouera Reserve

At the entry to Elouera Reserve on Waterloo Road, there are a heap of metal deck chairs and some seating with nature shade. And this area creates a nice space for people working in the area to come and enjoy their lunch.

Elouera Reserve

Finding Elouera Reserve

Elouera Reserve
Entry from Lachlan Ave

Elouera Reserve runs from Lachlan Avenue to Waterloo Road. Limited street parking is available on Lachlan Avenue, or you could park in Macquarie Shopping Centre across the road and walk over. Alternatively, the reserve is right near the Macquarie University train station and bus stop at Macquarie Centre, where the 545 goes.

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