Eric Primrose Reserve has a prime position along Parramatta River. And after the upgrades over the 18 months, is now a great spot for a family picnic and outing.

Eric Primrose Reserve Rydalmere

And to celebrate the upgrades, there’s a family fun day on Saturday 21st September from 10am to 2pm.

Family Fun Day - Eric Primrose Reserve

Eric Primrose Reserve is about 1km along, going from Rydalmere Wharf to Silverwater Bridge. Starting at the wharf, you’ll find a large carpark and toilets, which are open from 6am to 6pm. We’re hoping they will be open later during day light saving!

Eric Primrose Reserve Rydalmere
Toilets opened 3rd September 2019

Heading east, along the shared pathway (about 150m), there are picnic shelters with BBQs and bubblers.

Eric Primrose Reserve Rydalmere

Plus another smaller carpark a short walk from the BBQs.

Eric Primrose Reserve Rydalmere
View from the smaller carpark over to the BBQs

If you go east a little more (about 250m), you’ll find a shaded playground and bike/ scooter track for kids.

Eric Primrose Reserve Rydalmere

And if you keep going, there are sports fields and eventually Silverwater Bridge.

Eric Primrose Reserve Rydalmere

With Rydalmere wharf right next to Eric Primrose Reserve, the park is a good place to start or end a ferry adventure the kids. For ideas on ferry adventures, check out our handy guide.

BBQ Area

The BBQ area is really lovely and has a gorgeous view over Parramatta River. Well as long as you turn your head up river and not out over the industrial area of Camellia. Though it’s still somewhat hidden behind the mangrove fringe along the river. And my boys love looking over to the cement factory anyway.

There are two picnic shelters, each with a dual bbq and two picnic tables. There’s also a bubbler, bike rack and garbage bin. Now it just needs some lighting for BBQ dinners!


Eric Primrose Reserve RydalmereAbout 250m east of the BBQ area, is the kids playground and the new purpose built scooter track.

The playground is best suited for kids under 5 and has:

  • swings, with a toddler seat
  • spider net climbing wall
  • climbing play gym with slide

Eric Primrose Reserve Rydalmere

There are two shade sails over the play equipment, which is fantastic.

Next to the play equipment, is a dinky track – a purpose built scooter/ bike track with roundabouts and speed humps.

There are also two picnic tables at the playground and plenty of grass to kick a ball, fly a kite and spread out.

Finding Eric Primrose Reserve

Running east from Rydalmere wharf, Eric Primrose Reserve travels down to Silverwater Road. The playground is in roughly the middle of the reserve. There is on-site parking near the playground, or back near the ferry wharf.

You can catch the ferry to Rydalmere wharf and take a little stroll down to the playground. Bus 524 also stops nearby and there is free parking at the wharf or along John Street.

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  1. no toilet and no lights on the bbq area other than that great place to be to see the sunset and kids ride and play

    • Yes, hopefully Council will at least add light soon as otherwise only good for dinner during day light savings. Always surprises me that ferry wharfs don’t have toilets.

  2. So lovely to see the scooter track, though we’ve had a magpie swoop at toddlers not far from the playground before, hope it doesn’t become an issue for scooters during magpie swooping season this year!