Fairfield Adventure ParkWe have been visiting the Fairfield Leisure Centre, with its fun outdoor water playground, for about 2 years now. And it’s hard to miss the awesome looking Fairfield Adventure Park across the road. While we have popped over for a look, we have all been too exhausted after swimming for a play. Plus it’s not the best park to visit on a hot sunny day. So this weekend was our first actual proper play. And oh boy, it should be named Fairfield ADVENTURE Park as there is so much adventure to be had! We easily spent the whole afternoon there and my kids were still not ready to leave.

Fairfield Adventure Park opened in 2015 and has been very well ‘tested’ since, but has also been well maintained. Within the large bush park, there are three BIG slides, rope tower, four flying foxes, sand pit with a digger, mega fun obstacle course, life-sized foosball, mist fountain, toilets, BBQs, picnic shelters, sports fields, basketball court, on-site parking and a kiosk (seasonal opening hours), plus an ice cream and coffee van sometimes visits. And next door is the Fairfield Youth and Community Centre and across the road is the Fairfield Leisure Centre.

Fairfield Leisure Centre Swimming Pools
Water playground at Fairfield Leisure Centre

You can see that it has been designed with tweens in mind. And definitely seems to deliver on that by the number of 10-14yr olds we saw playing there. But there is something for all ages, even if it is just a play in the sand pit or a swing for little ones. And it is a climbers heaven!


Fairfield Adventure Park

With the closure of the 30m slide at Hilltop Park in Schofields, Fairfield Adventure Park reclaims the title of biggest playground slide in Western Sydney. And there is not one but three BIG slides!

The slides can only be accessed via a 11m rope tower…and it is NOT for the faint-hearted! Nor little kids, unless there is a parent helping as there is a fair gap at the top to climb up into the pod….even I struggled getting in.

Fairfield Adventure Park

Once at the top (and your legs have stopped shaking), you have the choice of going down a mostly straight slide or walking across a rope bridge to two more twisty slides. All slides end up at the sand pit and have shade sails over the bottom section.

Fairfield Adventure Park

We have only gone down these slides on a cool autumn day but I imagine they would get hot in summer, though you aren’t in them for long!

Fairfield Adventure Park

Now little ones aren’t left out when it comes to a slide or rope climbing, with a mini version for them just nearby. Plus there is a mini rope tower merry-go-round for the young kids as well.

Fairfield Adventure Park

Sand Pit and Swings

Around the bottom of the rope slide tower is a large sand pit, with a digger and mounds to climb over. It is worthwhile bringing along some sand toys, particularly if your kids are little.

Fairfield Adventure Park

In this area, you will find a spinning donut disc as well as some swings – one large birds nest swing, a toddler swing and kids swing. And on the other side of the path, there are two flying foxes with sand underneath.

Thankfully there are a few shaded spots here under the shade sails over the bottom of the slides.

Obstacle Course

While the slides are definitely a drawcard, the hidden surprise and what sets this park apart from others is the obstacle course. It opened at the end of 2016 and covers 7,500 square metres. My two preschoolers and I spent a lot of time on the various obstacles set amongst the trees, along with a lot of other kids of all different ages. There are tyre and rope climbing walls, treetop walk, climbing mound, large walking see-saw and two more flying foxes.

Now it wasn’t until we were leaving that we noticed a sign saying the area was only for people 15yrs+. ? I get it has been designed for teenagers and adults, but find it really strange that other kids aren’t meant to use it at all, even with parental supervision. Doubt most people would know this, as there is only one sign and you can easily miss it. Or whether it would make a difference but Council has covered themselves I guess.

Exercise Equipment and Foosball

In between the slide and sand pit area and the obstacle course, is an exercise area as well as life-size foosball.

Other Facilities

Fairfield Adventure Park has a number of BBQs and picnic shelters, mostly near the slides. You can book a shelter through Fairfield City Council and understandably they are very popular for birthday parties. There is also lots of space to spread out a picnic rug.

Fairfield Adventure Park
Kiosk and toilet

The toilets are near the obstacle course and there is a water re-fill station there as well. In between the obstacle course area and baseball field, is the kiosk. It seems to only be open when there is a game on. Plus there is another toilet here.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Parking can fill up quickly on the weekend.
  • The play equipment is spread across a large area and there isn’t line of sight from some sections.
  • Toilets are down the back of the playground, along with the bubbler.
  • Kids 5yrs and under will likely need an adult or older sibling to help them up the rope down to get to the big slides.
  • There is good natural shade over parts of the playground, but the slides and sand pit are mostly in the sun.
  • The main, large picnic shelters can be booked.
  • The Youth and Community Centre next door holds free Open Day on the 1st Sunday of each month, from 11am to 3/4pm.

Finding Fairfield Adventure Park

Fairfield Adventure Park is about 10kms south-west of Parramatta. There is free on-site parking but it does fill up quickly on weekends. The park is also about a 700m walk from Fairfield train station.

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