Fairwater ParkFairwater Park has a bike/ scooter track, nature based play, cafe, walking paths and duck pond. Just 2km from Blacktown Shopping Centre and Train station, this little oasis is worth a visit, particularly with young kids. Keep in mind that the estate around the park is still being built. So there is a lot of construction going on and some paths and roads are temporarily closed.

The purpose built bike/ scooter track (also known as a dinky track) is a good size, though on the smaller end compared with other scooter/ bike tracks in the area. And is complete with mini short road signs and pedestrian crossings.

Plus, there are more pathways within the park that lead to a sheltered picnic table and around the duck pond. These paths could be used for a longer bike/ scooter ride. But just remember to watch out for pedestrians and the edge of the pond!

The nature based play consists of balancing logs, water pumps, a sandpit and rocks.
The balancing logs are incredible, they are all interlocked with the vertical logs numbered. My boys loved the logs ‘obstacle course’!

The water pumps are nestled under the trees in the middle of the scooter/ bike track surrounded by strategically placed logs and rocks. The pumps are currently turned off and I assume they will be until spring. They will be well utilised in the warmer months.

Fairwater Park Blacktown

The sandpit is carved into the side of a hill, also within the dinky track. The hill does mean you lose line of sight of your little ones going around the track but just for a moment. The sandpit continues with the natural theme – wooden panels around the hill side. It’s quite a drop if your adventurous children decide to jump in from the top of the sandpit. Near the sandpit, up a few steps, are some park benches and sandstone blocks.

Fairwater Park blacktown

There are rocks near the water pumps and more along the edge of the track – perfect for balancing along.

Fairwater Park Blacktown

Next to the dinky track is a grassy area and a sheltered picnic table with a rubbish bin.

Fairwater Park

I mentioned that this park was an oasis but some people might not agree just yet because there is still construction going on around the park! As a mum of two construction loving boys this was a positive rather than a negative for us. Anytime you get to see diggers and play at a park at the same time are ingredients for a perfect day out.

Fairwater Park

The large unfenced duck pond is visible from the main park area and lovely to walk around. There are park benches overlooking the water at different spots and some large grassy areas. There is a bridge over the water and a few docks to stop and admire the bird life.

Near the large duck pond is a Cafe called ‘Two by Four’. Its opening hours are Monday to Friday 6am to 2pm, Saturday 8pm to 1pm and closed on Sundays. I wish I’d known beforehand there was a cafe. Just checked out their Instagram page and the meals look delicious. Definitely going to plan my day better next time we visit.

Fairwater Park Blacktown

Finding Fairwater Park

You will find Fairwater Park in a new estate just off Fairwater Boulevard, Richmond Road. There is street parking and it is about a 2km walk from Blacktown train station.

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  1. I tried to go to this one the other day with my kids. When following navman it was a construction site and we couldnt get in. Is it actually open

    • Hi Rebecca, my GPS also sent me to the wrong place but if you follow our instructions in the article you should find it. And it was definitely open when we visited a few weeks ago. Kind regards, Kellie