Forest ParkThe playground upgrade at Forest Park was completed mid-October 2018. It’s an improvement on the old one, which was damaged and worn. And the new playground is more in keeping with the overall feel of the park. But sadly it’s only slightly larger than the old playground, even though there are been significant increase in families living near the park. Plus, it does not cater for little ones.

Within the playground, you will find:

  • beautifully crafted wooden climbing play gym (from Finland)
  • balance beams
  • stepping stumps
  • swings

We think it’s best suited to preschoolers and young primary school kids. Unfortunately there is nothing really on the ground for little ones. Though they may have fun walking through the plants to get to the balance beams.

Forest Park Epping

In and around the playground, there are some seats and picnic tables. Plus a bubbler and bin, which are oddly very close to each other. Thankfully the new playground was built amongst existing mature trees, which provide a nice amount of natural shade. The ground of the playground is softfall.

Forest Park Epping

While Forest Park runs along the busy Blaxland Road, it is set down from the road. And the playground is in the middle of the park to one side.

Forest Park Epping
Looking at the playground upgrade from the gardens near Blaxland Road (August 2018)

There are now beautiful flowers in the large garden beds on either side of Forest Park to enjoy. Currently roses are in bloom as well as paper daisy’s.

Running diagonally through the park is a path, which is good to ride on. And on both sides are open grassed areas.

Forest Park Epping

Considering all the new apartments that have been, and will be, built around Forest Park, the new playground seems woefully small to cater for all the local families. Plus, there are not many other playgrounds nearby. Hopefully the upgrade of Sommerville Park will start soon and include a large district sized playground.

Finding Forest Park

Forest Park is bordered by Blaxland Road and Forest Grove. There is street parking on Forest Grove and it’s a short walk to Epping station.

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