Halvorsen Park | Ermington

One of the newer playgrounds in the Parramatta area, located on the foreshore of the Parramatta River and with a fantastic nautical theme. UPDATED: 21st August 2017

Halvorsen Park
Halvorsen Park (photo credit: ‎Juny Lucin)

park snapshotToddlers and preschoolers will have a fantastic time at the playground in Halvorsen Park, that opened late 2016. And there are a few things to keep older kids entertained as well. My Mr 3 and Mr 2 absolutely love it there and we enjoy going for a scooter along the river afterwards.

It has a wonderful nautical theme that ties in the name of the park with the defence community living around it. The Halvorsen boat builders were located nearby and built a number of the Royal Australian Navy ships. HMAS AE2, a submarine that was lost in action in 1915, and the inspiration for the slide play equipment, is the name of the defence housing estate.

Halvorsen ParkThe Halvorsen Park playground with soft fall ground has:

  • a number of nature based play elements, such as logs and sandstone blocks to walk and climb on;Halvorsen Park
  • swings;
  • slides;
  • four rope towers linked together;
  • sandstone boat;
  • wooden bridge with ship rope;
  • play gym shaped like the top of a submarine with a sail and periscope;
  • twirling twister; and
  • plenty of paths to ride a bike or scooter on, including along the Parramatta River foreshore.

Plus there is a big grassed area next to the playground to kick a play around or fly a kite.

Good news is that work is underway to open a corner store in one of the Royal Shores buildings next to the park and word has it, it will serve food and drinks as well. But unfortunately the work is going very slowly!

Halvorsen Park
Ferry spotting on the foreshore

While the playground is not fenced, it is designed and landscaped in such a way to somewhat reduce the risk of little ones running out onto the foreshore cycleway/ footpath, though a careful eye would need to be kept on runners. Along the foreshore path are sandstone blocks forming a barrier to reaching Parramatta River and then there is over 5 metres more before the water and a number of more barriers along the way. Determined explorers could manage it though if they tried.

Find Halvorsen Park

This park is located in the defence housing estate and next to the new Royal Shores apartments. It is on the northern foreshore of Parramatta River, near Silverwater bridge. There is only street parking, which can sometimes be tricky to find.

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