Hannibal Macarthur Park – Neighbourhood Playground | Rydalmere

Hannibal Macarthur Park

Hannibal Macarthur ParkHannibal Macarthur Park is a nice, typical local playground on a quiet street. It has the added benefit of being about 350m from the kid friendly Caleidoscope Cafe.

Around the outside of the playground is a little path that kids can ride their bikes or scooters on. And inside the playground, the play equipment consists of:

  • two swings, one with a toddler seat
  • see saw
  • climbing play gym, with a slide, climbing walls
  • chain stepping pads
  • ball hoop bucket

The ground is synthetic grass and there is only a little bit of natural shade at certain times of the day. To the side of the playground, there is a nice patch of grass to ran around on. Plus there is a seat for parents to relax on.

Getting to Hannibal Macarthur Park

Hannibal Macarthur Park is hidden among houses, right near Aldi at Rydalmere. It is in between Victoria Road and South St and an easy walk from Rydalmere shops and cafes. There is street parking.