Harold Moon Playground in Mona Park SnapshotI don’t know about you, but I love medium-sized playgrounds. With two kids to watch (mine are aged 4 and just under 2), the mere thought of bringing them to big playgrounds such as Domain Creek Playground and Blaxland Riverside Park by myself is enough to make me curl into a ball and bury my car keys. Fortunately for me (and kids who have carers like me), there are a number of medium-sized playgrounds within or around Parramatta that provide the much-needed outdoor fun while they’re not in school. Harold Moon Reserve Playground in Mona Park, Auburn is definitely one of them.

In a nutshell, the Harold Moon Reserve Playground is a colourful, construction-themed playground with a bike/scooter track.

Harold moon reserve playground auburn near parramatta cute preschoolers bike scooter track steamroller construction theme cars swings seesaw
View of Harold Moon Reserve Playground from Chisholm Rd entrance

The centrepiece is a giant steel steamroller with bright red paint, identifiable from afar. My son got very excited as we drove by and couldn’t wait to get out of his seat. He wriggled in anticipation until I got them down and strapped on their respective helmets. Then they happily rode their scooters over the grass and onto the scooter track.

harold moon reserve playground auburn near parramatta with bike scooter track rotating seesaw steamroller car basketball court swings picnic shelters bbq toilets construction theme playground for preschoolers
Rotating seesaw, climbing tower, and swings in Harold Moon Reserve Playground

The first thing I noticed about the park were the nice colours and refreshing layout. From the entrance on Mary St, we passed by the following:

  • a basketball half-court
  • climbing tower
  • swings
  • rotating seesaw.

The climbing tower is great for beginners. The spacing between the ropes are not too far apart. The seesaw allows kids to spin and swing while also bouncing up and down. All the swings have a metal back support and I thought it was a really nice touch that the seat height varies. One of them was low enough for my little girl to climb on by herself.

There’s a little tree at the centre of the playground that provides a nice shade for a rest and some pretend play with the little ones. Just past the tree is the steamroller and little wooden car. My boy zoomed straight for the steamroller, climbed, jumped down, and even posed for a photo before getting on his scooter again. My girl, on the other hand, couldn’t get enough of the little green car. These two vehicles were the highlight of the day!

harold moon reserve playground auburn near parramatta with bike scooter track rotating seesaw steamroller car basketball court swings picnic shelters bbq toilets construction theme playground for preschoolers
Little tree, steamroller and little wooden car

The next (major) thing I noticed was the fence. My heart stopped for a second as I watched my boy scoot, following the curvy (almost figure 8) bike track because fence along Chisholm Rd had a gap, leading straight to oncoming traffic. This was not concerning for my boy, who is 4, but I still called him back and told him specifically to avoid going down the path leading to the road. I can see that it might pose a problem for some runners or even little ones who cannot scoot very well. A few minutes later, a white car arrived and the mum parked directly in front of the entrance (as if she knew exactly what I was thinking), easing my worries.

The second half of the playground has some balance equipment, turntable, and a bigger bowl-shaped swing. It seems there was also a rocking animal but, as of this writing, it is out of service.

Towards the field, there are bbqs and tables under a shelter, making it a great place to hang out while watching sport or celebrate birthdays. Toilets are located in the middle of 2 fields, in a toilet block that can be seen from the playground. There’s also a bubbler and a lot of benches where parents can sit while watching over the kids.

Overall, it’s a great playground and well worth a visit, especially for under fives who will delight in climbing with the steamroller and scooting on curvy tracks instead of the more common straight paths.

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Finding Harold Moon Reserve Playground

Harold Moon Playground is in Mona Park, at the corner of Mary St and Chisholm Rd, Auburn. A parking lot is available on Mary St, as well as street parking on Chisholm Rd. If you’re concerned about the gap in the fence that I mentioned, please park right in front of the entrance at Chisholm Rd.

Alternatively, buses M91 and 908 run through Mona street while bus S3 runs through Chisholm Rd.