Hoskins ReserveClose to Rhodes Waterside Shopping Centre is a great park, with a new community garden. It’s the perfect place to stop if the kids need to burn some energy off on the way to/from the shops. Or part of a general visit to Rhodes, which has a lovely foreshore to walk/ ride along and lots of playgrounds and cafes.

The playground within Hoskins Reserve is set to one side, in the middle. There are two large shade sails. Under the first is a yellow slide (with unique rope climbing steps up to it) and a seesaw. The second shade sail covers a sand pit, with well positioned sandstone blocks for adults to sit on.

There are also balancing steps and logs, a swirly bucket seat and orange sensory sound instruments. And the absolute winner for my children is the large climbing frame. The unusual-shaped climbing frame in the colours of yellow and black, reminded me of busy bees in a beehive.

Hoskins Reserve is a block back from Parramatta River. A real estate agent would say water glimpses – you can see down to the river from some areas within the large park.

One of the things I loved about Hoskins Reserve is the landscaping. It varied so much. There is dirt bark under the slide, seesaw and balancing logs and then soft fall under the rest of the play equipment. Plus lots of green trees, plants, grasses, pavers, quite a few levels with step up/step down, concrete paths and a very large grassy area.

Hoskins Reserve Rhodes

Another interesting element at Hoskins Reserve is artwork on the picnic table tops, though unfortunately it has now faded and needs re-doing.

Hoskins Reserve
Picnic table being painted at Hoskins Reserve in 2016 (Photo credit: City of Canada Bay)

When we visited on a weekday morning we were the only ones there but it looks like it might be busy on the weekends. And there are a lot of bench seats in 2 long rows. This suggests to me that people in the nearby high rises come down to eat meals in the park and/or meet with friends.

There are a few picnic tables, bench seats and a water refill station with bubbler and a water catching dog ‘bowl’. Other handy things in the park are a bike rack and a couple of rubbish bins. Unfortunately there were also quite a few shopping trolleys. And there are no toilets, but there are public ones at Mill Park down the road.

If your little one is a train enthusiast they will be delighted to see a lot of trains going past (every 5-10 minutes mid morning on a weekday). The train track is across a road and up a hill.

As we walked over for a closer look at the trains, we found a community garden. The Rhodes Community Garden located within the Hoskins Reserve opened last last year.

Hoskins Reserve Rhodes

It’s a great little garden that is looking very established for how young it is. We saw on the notice board that there is a membership fee so we stuck to our own ‘look and don’t touch’ rule. If we lived a little closer would definitely join.

Hoskins Reserve Rhodes

The ParraParents team love community gardens, with many of us actively involved with the local Bruce Miller Reserve Community Garden. We were thrilled to find a new one and be able to tell you about it. The garden has compost bins, worm farm, tomatoes, basil, eggplants, rosemary, onions, strawberries and more. You could pop in with your children for a quick look around or sign up (pay your annual membership) for the opportunity to be involved with the gardening, working bees, looking after the worms and collecting produce.

Hoskins Reserve Rhodes

There are several pathways that could be used for a scooter or bike ride. Just be mindful that there are roads on both sides, pedestrians walking through, some stairs and no fencing.

Finding Hoskins Reserve

Hoskins Reserve is near Rhodes Point and John Whitton Bridge. The train runs over this bridge between Meadowbank and Rhodes and you can also walk/ ride across it. There is limited street parking and the park is a short walk from Rhodes train station.

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