Irving Street Playground has recently been upgraded with brand new play equipment. This lovely little park has a large grassed area, swings, a play tower, large sandstone blocks, balancing logs and a picnic table.

The play tower, in nice citrus colours of yellow, orange and green, has:

  • metal slide
  • rope climbing wall
  • Steps
  • an angled short ‘corridor’
  • Counters
  • low seat tucked under the slide
  • a rock climbing wall

Irving Street Playground Parramatta

Next to it is a row of swings, with two baby swings, two child swings and a disc swing.

Irving Street Playground Parramatta

There is softfall under the play tower and beneath the row of swings. Synthetic grass covers the remaining area near the swings. The rest of the park is a large grassy area where you could kick a ball, fly a kite or play ‘tag’.

Irving Street Playground Parramatta

Just outside the softfall area, near the play tower, are some great balancing logs. These would be best suited to preschoolers. And there are quite a few large sandstone blocks that could be used for balancing or extra seating for the adults.

A big tick for this playground is that it was built around pre-existing trees. It looks to be partially shaded in the morning and nearly full shade in the afternoons. Lots of new shrubs have been planted near the playground too. Plus the park has a picnic table, a bench seat and a rubbish bin.

Irving Street Playground Parramatta

Finding Irving Street Playground

Irving Street Playground is on the corner block of Irving Street and Tennyson Street, Parramatta. You would think that these streets would be quiet but a lot of traffic went past in the time we were there. To the point that I think this playground should be fenced – particularly with the age group it appeals to.

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