Jason Place Reserve North RocksThere are a fair few new small playgrounds around. Most aren’t worth going out of your way to visit. But if you have young kids who like to ride, or are learning to ride, then you may just want to visit the new playground at Jason Place Reserve in North Rocks.

Around the outside of the playground is a two way learn to ride scooter/ bike track. And its only the 11th dinky track in the City of Parramatta.

Jason Place Reserve

This one at Jason Place Reserve has road markings, traffic signs (including speed sign and wombat sign), speed hump, pedestrian crossing and round about. It’s only small, like the one at Fred Robertson Reserve, but there are two loops like a figure 8. And it kept my kids happily entertained for an hour easily – and eve then they didn’t want to leave.

Inside the scooter/ bike track, there is soft fall ground and the following play equipment:

  • two swings – one bucket seat
  • wooden climbing play gym, with two slides, low monkey bars, rope walls and rope bridge

Jason Place Reserve North Rocks

There are also three park benches to sit on and a bike rack. While lots of trees have recently been planted, there is currently no shade over the playground for most of the day. Behind the playground, on a slope is a grassed area with mature trees that would be nice to spread a picnic rug out on.

This playground is a vast improvement on the old one that just had a swing and slide. And we’re sure local families will be very pleased – though maybe not all the extra traffic from people visiting.

Jason Place Reserve North Rocks
Old playground

Finding Jason Place Reserve

Tucked away in a cul-de-sac of sorts, a short drive from Don Moore Reserve and North Rocks Shopping Centre, is Jason Place. The reserve is right at the end. And Jason Place road forms a circle around it. There is street parking.

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