John Berger Reserve – Neighbourhood Playground | Winston Hills

John Berger Reserve

John Berger ReserveWhen a local mum told us about a cute sounding ‘Mushroom’ Park in Winston Hills, we just had to go check it out. What we found was John Berger Reserve – a peaceful park with a lovely, small playground perfect for little ones.

The playground is set back from the road in the middle corner of John Berger Reserve. Around the playground is that lush grass that you can easily lie on and would be great for babies and crawlers to explore. There is some natural shade over the playground from the surrounding trees but it may get a bit hot in the middle of summer.

John Berger Reserve

The ground is a mixture of softfall and synthetic grass. And yes, the playground does have cute mushroom stools that kids can stand on, hold onto or jump over.

Within the playground there is also:

  • two swings, one with a toddler seat
  • small climbing play gym that isn’t high off the ground. It has a climbing ramp, slide, fire pole, abacus and shop.
  • stepping blocks
  • rocker
  • metal pipe xylophone

There are also a few park benches and a picnic table to enjoy lunch at overlooking the playground. Plus, some trees to climb and bush to explore.

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Getting to John Berger Reserve

John Berger Reserve is located in between the M2 and Caroline Chisholm/ Churchill Drive. There are buses that travel along both. Street parking can be found on Orchard Ave and Rudyard Street.