When my now youngest was born, we spent many a morning at the (old) fenced, shaded playground at John Wearn Reserve. While he slept or feed, Mr then 18mos happily played. And I didn’t need to worry about him running off!

John Wearn Reserve Carlingford
Old fenced playground

Due to Council boundary changes back in 2016, this reserve was transferred to City of Parramatta from the Hills Shire. And it’s currently getting a much needed upgrade!

John Wearn Reserve Carlingford

The upgrade includes a nature-themed playground, dog park, carpark, amenities block, skate park, fitness station, barbecue facilities, multi-use court, picnic shelters, and a new stage with amphitheatre seating.

John Wearn Reserve Carlingford

The park was fenced off in September 2019 and work was expected to be completed a few months later in December 2019. Unfortunately though, there have been delays.

John Wearn Reserve Carlingford

We visited in May 2020 and understand the upgrade is now at about 80% complete. So it’ll be at least a month or two before it opens.

We’re loving the safari animal statues – we spotted a giraffe, zebra, lion and cubs, monkey, elephant and possibly a meerkat.

John Wearn Reserve Carlingford

The new carpark is done, toilet block looks almost finished and there are a number of picnic tables in with BBQs. We didn’t get a good look at the other end but the exercise equipment looked like it was installed. And we can see from the Convic Facebook page that they’ve finished the skate park section.

Keep in mind that just around the corner is the North Rocks Park, with a great fenced playground for primary school kids.

Finding John Wearn Reserve

John Wearn Reserve is right near North Rocks Park, just off Farnell Ave. There are a few on-site parking sports. Or you can catch the 546 bus there.

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