When my youngest was born, we spent many a morning at the old fenced, shaded playground at John Wearn Reserve. While he slept or feed, Mr then 18mos happily played. So we’ve got fond memories of this park.

John Wearn Reserve Carlingford
Old fenced playground

But the playground was in desperate need of an upgrade. And thankfully after 15 months of renovations, there’s a BRAND NEW cool playground, skate park, exercise equipment, dog park and more to enjoy at John Wearn Reserve.

John Wearn Reserve Carlingford

Here are just some of the photos of the upgraded John Wearn Reserve that opened on 4th December. We will add more details and photos soon. And once you’ve visited, please make sure to provide feedback to Council via their quick survey.


The safari themed playground is a one of a kind for Sydney (as far as we know)! There’s an elephant, zebra, lion, lion cub, hippo and monkey, plus a giraffe on its way.

And to add to the atmosphere, the lion roars and monkey chatters when you walk past.

We really like the nature based play features, like the awesome bamboo tunnel. Just watch for the cobwebs if you are the first one to enter for a while! With time, the tunnel should be covered in a vine and this will also make it last longer by keeping the bamboo in place.

Within the playground, you’ll also find swings, spider rope, musical instruments, slide, teepee and stepping logs.

2Skate Park

Down the hill from the playground (which is at the top of the park), is a skate park designed and built by Convic.

3Multi-Use Sports Courts

In between the playground and skate park, is a multi-use sports court.


Down from the toilets, and taking advantage of the natural slope of the park, is an amphitheatre with a stage. The cover the stage is yet to be installed.

5Dog Park

There’s now a fenced dog park at John Wearn Reserve. It has two sections – one for small dogs and one for big dogs. There’s doggy bags at the gates and bubblers, plus lots of large trees providing natural shade.

6Exercise Equipment

7Other Facilities

There’s a few picnic shelters now at John Wearn Reserve. The largest being near the playground and bbqs.

John Wearn Reserve Carlingford

There is also a toilet block near the carpark on Balaka Drive. The fences weren’t down yet around it when we visited but we understand it’s now open.

Finding John Wearn Reserve

John Wearn Reserve is right near North Rocks Park, just off Farnell Ave. Entrance to the carpark and playground is from Balaka Drive, just next to the childcare centre. There are about 20 spots in the on-site carpark so on weekends you may need to find a spot on the street. Or you also can catch the 546 bus there. Keep in mind that just around the corner is the North Rocks Park, with a great fenced playground for primary school kids.

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  1. Hello. I think it is open now. My neighbor mentioned it. So will be going to check it out. Thanks for your article. I’m trying to find the official link that reports the opening. Daughter is super stoked about the new skate ramps :) We’ve been looking forward to it over these months with eager anticipation.

  2. Been here over the weekend and lots of people. there was a (birthday) party in the morning and all bins were full. The day was windy and blows rubbish everywhere. Council should put more bins there or collect bins more often during weekends. Toliet was dirty and out of paper.

    But the playground itself was beautiful.

  3. Last Wednesday a violent grown man and his female partner verbally attacked me over a minor disagreement about them attempting to instruct me to stop standing on side skate area (supervising my small child) and get out of area they were wanting to film skate hops. I asked them repeatedly to stop abusing me and the man threatened to violently assault me and told my scared and confused child he was going to hurt me..it was utterly horrific and bystsnder parents men and women called out and told abuser to stop and he refused. We left to keep safe. I am warning the public we are not safe in that park until Police advise me after reporting of any follow up,possible patrolling the park and erecting no alcohol signs. This park has attracted very bad people much older than what its intended for as a family park..And 5 minutes up the road in the Don Moore Centre and Preschool carpark there has been left a very badly burnt out car…trouble has fallen up the street there right in December..not good enough seems neglected by Police and Council with so many families in borh mentioned areas daily…???

  4. Thank You for your concern. I want everyone to be safe. I called 000 on the day in mention. No follow up with me has taken place by Police.
    The man was extremely violent it is a Police matter that should have had an outright arrest and search.

  5. So sorry this has happened. It was a lovely area. The burnt out car has been there for weeks, not sure why. This morning when I walked past the lion is on its side. What happened to the security cameras that are suppose to be there. I also noticed they are putting in boom gates. Not sure how that is suppose to work. You can still park in the street. I was also told that there are locals that are cleaning the park because it is such a disgrace after the weekend. I don’t think they expected so many people. Hope the novelty wears off soon.

  6. Hi . I’m looking for a picnic shade reserve for my daughters birthday
    . I want to know if it’s possible to reserve shades or not , since it gets quite busy in evenings

    • Picnic shelters in parks managed by City of Parramatta Council, which includes John Wearn Reserve, are on a first come first serve basis and can not be booked. You can though book picnic shelters at Parramatta Park and Sydney Olympic Park. All the best