We remember driving along Epping Road a few years ago and seeing a new playground being built near Office Works and the foot bridge. And then completely forgot about it, as it got hidden behind the new Lachlan Line apartments being built along Epping Road. Well it opened back in March 2017, at the Lights Up Festival.

Lachlan’s Line | Lights Up Festival from Landcom on Vimeo.

So while work continues on building the 2,700 homes at Lachlan’s line, the playground is a barely used, hidden gem. Though once residents start to move in at the end of 2019, this will quickly change!

Lachlan's Line Park Macquarie Park

With toilets, BBQs, picnic tables and a variety of play equipment, Lachlan’s Line Park ticks a lot of the important boxes for a nice family outing or birthday party.

Lachlan's Line Park Macquarie Park

Lachlan's Line Park Macquarie Park

Within the playground you’ll find:

  • spinning donut
  • merry-go-round
  • climbing tower
  • slides
  • birds nest swing
  • water pump and channels
  • tunnel
  • ramp and viewing platform

There’s also a beautiful piece of artwork, called “Fiorire In Bloom” (pronounced Fee-YOR-ay-eh-ray in Bloom), by local artist Justin Sarayath. The vibrantly coloured petals of metalwork symbolise a flower in bloom. And at night it turns into a glowing splash of colour.

Lachlan's Line Park Macquarie Park

Between the playground and Halifax Street, is a learn to skate park.

Lachlan's Line Park Macquarie Park

And on the other side of the picnic shelter, BBQs and toilets, there’s a grassed area.

Heading down Halifax Street, there’s some exercise equipment, benches and another bubbler. Plus a bus stop.

Lachlan's Line Park Macquarie Park

Now before rushing off to the park for a play or bbq, keep in mind that there isn’t much shade over the play equipment. And the picnic shelter roof isn’t waterproof.

Finding Lachlan’s Line Central Park

You’ll find Lachlan’s Line Central Park on Jarvis Circuit, behind Epping Road, accessed by car via Wicks Road and Halifax Street. There is street parking. Once the pedestrian bridge is built, it will also be very easy to get to the park from North Ryde train station.

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