You may have driven past the new Putney Hill residences when heading to Putney Park or driving through Putney. This large complex hosts many apartments, townhouses and detached homes.

As part of the project they also have a lovely small public park, with a man made lake that has ducks!

The lake is lovely and my kids just adore watching the ducks and swans swim by. There is a sign asking to not feed the ducks though so I suggest visiting another location if that is your sole aim. Don’t forget that there are guidelines with what ducks should eat and one thing you should never feed ducks is bread. You can try feeding them corn, frozen peas, grapes and lettuce.

Lardelli Park Playground

Right next to the lake, you’ll find a small to medium sized, shaded playground. Within the playground there is:

  • handheld flying fox on top of sand
  • climbing robes
  • long slide
  • round swing
  • sandpit with digger

Next to the playground is a sheltered table to sit and eat at.

Lardelli Park
Digger and Sandpit at Lardelli Park

There is a pathway around the lake that the kids could potentially use their scooter or bikes on. Take care as there are cars that do drive past.

You’ll find many restaurants and cafes nearby on Charles St and Morrison St Putney, such as:

  • Charles Street Kitchen
  • Maples
  • Dolcini Cafe
  • Jasper’s Place
  • Patio @ Putney
  • Black Toque Patisserie
  • Ogalo Portuguese Chicken
  • We Thai Cuisine
  • Zaitoune Mezza and Grill
  • Pizza Hut

If you are looking at visiting a cafe or restaurant and wanting a playground nearby for a short while, this is a winner. Whilst there isn’t that much equipment, there is enough to keep the children entertained for an hour and they’ll love watching the ducks swim and quack about.

Getting There

Turn onto Lardelli Drive from Victoria Road or enter via Charles St or Morrison St in Putney.

Places of Interest Nearby


  1. Thank you for letting us know about this park and playground. My boys had a great time there this morning…so much so that they didn’t make it to the cafe.