Right now, it’s very important that we continue to look after our mental and physical health. And the benefits of exercising, to help with both, are very clear. But between working (from home) and doing school at home, it may not always be possible to get out for a walk, run, ride or to kick a ball around before the sun goes down. Well thankfully, Local Councils have turned the lights on at a number of parks to allow us to safely exercise of an evening.

To make it easier to know which of your local parks have the lights on, here’s a Google map. It contains the parks with lights on in the City of Parramatta (Monday to Friday between from 5:30pm to 8:30pm), City of Ryde (varies by park), Cumberland Council (from dusk until 9pm daily) and Blacktown City Council (5 pm to 8 pm each night). Click the links provided to see the list of parks for each of the Councils.

When the lights come on and for how long, varies slightly between Councils and parks. The exact days and times are available via the links for each Council (above) and are also listed in the map for each park.

COVID Safe Exercise

REMEMBER, you can only exercise with one (1) other person that you do not live with, or with members of your household.

If you live in an area of concern (such as City of Parramatta Council, Cumberland City Council and Blacktown City Council), you can only travel up to 5kms away for exercise. If you live in say City of Ryde, which isn’t an LGA of concern, then you can travel up to 10kms away for exercise.

Check the current covid restrictions and advice here.