Lytton Street ParkLytton Street Park runs almost the entire way from Wentworthville Mall to the Wentworthville train station. Not that you would know it walking and playing within the park. It is incredibly peaceful considering how close you are to everything.

There is a floodway running through Lytton Street Park, with paths and parkland on either side. On the Lytton Street side is a large grassy area, two playgrounds, pathways, toilets, BBQs and picnic tables all set amongst some beautiful large trees. And the far side (Lane Street side) has the Wentworthville Community Garden, cricket nets, basketball court and a playground for older kids.

Lytton Street Park
Toddler playground on the right, main playground on the left

The two sides of the park are connected by a cute bridge over the floodway. This is in the middle of the park directly down from the carpark, just past the small toilet block.

Please note that there is no fencing around the playgrounds but there is fencing along both sides of the flood way. And you should feel quite comfortable as the area is large and the play equipment is set back from the roads.

Playground 1, near Killeen Street (best suited to 2 to 4yrs)

Lytton Street Park

This is the smallest of the three playgrounds. And has a slide, spiral climb, bridge and climbing steps.

Playground 2, near Killeen Street (best suited to for 4 to 10yrs)

The main playground is right next to the toddler one and you’ll find:

  • Slides
  • Rock climbing wall
  • Monkey bars
  • Surfboard rockers
  • Zig Zag balance beam
  • Balance steps and rope climbing steps,
  • Spiderweb rope climbing
  • Swings
  • Fixed mini flying fox

The playground has dirt bark on the ground and no shade sails. But there is good natural shade over the play equipment. And when the trees regain their leaves in the warmer months, I believe the playgrounds would have full (or close to it) natural shade for most of the day.

Playground 3, corner of the park near Lane street and Veron Street (best suited for 6 to 10yrs)

Lytton Street Park

The last playground is well suited to primary school kids. The play equipment consists of:

  • Climbing wall
  • Large angled pads
  • Rope climbs
  • Large twisted ladder

The ground here is softfall and there is no shade.

Other Facilities

There are BBQs, picnic tables and toilets in Lytton Street Park. Plus a basketball court and cricket nets.

Community Garden

The Wentworthville Community Garden is a place where you can work with others, maintain your own garden, or just sit and relax.

It’s open on Wednesdays from 3.30pm, Saturdays from 10.00am and Sundays from 3.30pm for at least an hour. Plus, there is an annual open day which will be on Saturday 20th October in 2018 from 9.30am to 2pm. Find out more here.

Finding Lytton Street Park

To access Lytton Street Park by car, there is a car park at the edge of the park on Lytton Street. There were heaps of car parks available on the winter Saturday when we visited. Alternatively, you can street park at the end of Killeen Street, which is closer to two of the playgrounds. You can also catch a train or bus.

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