Mullhall ParkMulhall Park is a small playground near Lane Cove River and National Park. It was upgraded in August 2017 and shade is still to be installed. We particularly loved the tandem swing, nature based play elements and art installations.

The tandem swing is perfect for little ones who love to swing and swing and swing and parents who get tired of pushing and pushing. Now you can enjoy swinging and see your little one enjoy it too. Plus siblings are bound to like swinging together.

We look forward to seeing the artistic shade that is meant to be installed in November. Just weren’t a fan of the bark ground, but it is common at playgrounds in the City of Ryde.

Mullhall Park

The playground has:

  • tandem swing
  • toddler swing
  • climbing play gym with double slide, climbing wall, abacus and cubby house
  • wooden stepping pads and log
  • talking tubes
  • naughts and crosses
  • rocker

There are sandstone blocks around the playground that are great for walking on. And a medium sized tree to one side that is good for a little climb. Around the tree are a few seats, but they have no shade.

An artistic shade is still to be installed, but seems to have been delayed.

Mullhall Park

Finding Mulhall Park

Just off Delhi Road, along River Ave, you will find Mulhall Park. There is street parking around the park and the 256 bus stops opposite the playground.

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