If you’re looking for a quiet playground that would suit both a toddler and an older child, head to the Northmead Reserve Playground. Set at the end of a residential street and surrounded by tall trees and sports fields, the area has a nice, bush kind of feel.

Park Snapshot Northmead reserve playground best playgrounds for toddlers near parramattaThe colourful equipment can be seen all the way from Northmead Reserve. If you’re like me, you might have typed in “Northmead Reserve” on Google maps and got trapped in the parking lot meant for the sports fields. Don’t worry, I’ve fixed that up now and told Google that “Northmead Reserve Playground” is at the end of Watson Place, Northmead (you’re welcome!). Oh, I’ve digressed…. The blue and yellow toddler appropriate structure sits on top of a soft, grassy patch that may also be suitable for crawlers. Do note that there may be fallen leaves and sticks that might be taste-tested by a curious little one.

northmead reserve playground for toddlers preschoolers nature crawler best swings
Low and colourful structure is easily managed by 18 month old kids

My little miss was happy to explore the equipment by herself and I got to sit and watch her from afar without fearing for her safety. The steps and the slides were low enough for her and she even attempted the rock climbing (though didn’t make it). There’s a short tunnel, as well as gears to turn and a giant tic-tac-toe game within the structure. At the other side, there’s a low rope ladder for young climbers.

Other equipment available at Northmead Reserve playground includes:

  • Higher steel slippery dip for older kids
  • Turntable for little ballerinas
  • Faucet with colourful water maze
  • Low-lying flying fox
  • Swings, including a baby swing
  • Bird’s nest swing
  • Pyramid rope climbing structure
  • Bubbler (not working at the time of this visit)
  • Picnic tables under the lovely shade of the trees
northmead reserve playground for toddlers preschoolers nature crawler best swings
Flying fox and a pair of swings, with a basket swing for babies and toddlers

This playground is frequented by the school kids from the nearby Hills School, but is generally empty on weekday mornings. There are a lot of areas that get shade from the tall trees. And a large sports field where little ones can race with one another to their heart’s desire.

I loved this place because it catered for both of my kids (aged 4 and nearly 2) with ease. The flying fox was low enough for my 4-year old to get on and off by himself and rope climbing structure provided enough challenge. If you ask him, however, his favourite part would have been building a little “tree house” in one alcove on the edge of the playground. :-)

Finding Northmead Reserve Playground

The playground is at the end of Watson Pl, Northmead. Parking is available along the street.

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