Ollie Webb ReserveJust a bit south of Westfield Parramatta, along Pitt Street, you’ll find the large Ollie Webb Reserve. We love that it’s now home to the first Livvi’s Place in the City of Parramatta and our newest water playground! Plus, there’s a great walking track, sport fields, exercise stations, toilets and picnic facilities.

The large, fenced playground at Ollie Webb Reserve was at least three years in the making. And we’re grateful to the wonderful Touched by Olivia Foundation for all their efforts in making it happen!

Livvi’s Place Parramatta cost around $2m to build and is a regional sized playground, which means hours of fun! There are five main play spaces to enjoy:

  1. Toddler area, which has the play equipment from the old playground, including a sit in jeep.
  2. Water playground and swings
  3. Big climbing tower and smaller climbing play gym
  4. The mound with slides and tunnels
  5. Sandpit with water pump and channels

We love the mix of play equipment. That it has two water play areas. It’s good for kids of different ages and abilities. And that there is line of sight across the playground. Plus there’ll be a nice mix of natural and sail shade, well once the other shade sail is installed over the slides and the trees grow some more.

While the playground is now open for play, there are still a few more things to be added. Like a shade sail over the metal slides and picnic tables next to the BBQs. Plus, we’re happy to report that additional garbage bins will be added and Council is still working on adding more short term parking spots.

Ollie Webb Reserve Livvi's Place Parramatta

We also think the following things need to be done:

  • shade over the swings
  • softfall around the whole sand pit
  • lip of the sand pit painted to help kids see the edge
  • shade sail over the sandpit adjusted to cover the lower section
  • add self closing mechanism on the three entry gates and signage reminding people to close the gate behind them

We have provided this feedback to Council.

Other Facilities

There’s a large new accessible toilet block that has been built, just outside the new fenced playground, near the BBQs.

Ollie Webb Reserve Parramatta

And we have it on good authority that it is the best accessible changing room in Australia.

Ollie Webb Reserve Livvi's Place Parramatta
Bec Ho (Touched by Olivia) with Geoff Lee (MP for Parramatta) testing out the change table

And at the back of the playground is a sporting pavilion leading onto a number of sporting fields.

Ollie Webb Reserve
Sporting pavilion

There are three exercise stations around the reserve, alongside the wide foot/ cycle path.

Between the playground and Glebe Street are some picnic tables and BBQs.

Finding Ollie Webb Reserve

I’ve seen the playgrounds address listed as 37a Glebe Street but this can take you to different parts of Ollie Webb Reserve. The best address I’ve found is 16 Glebe Street, Parramatta.

It’s along Glebe Street that you will find the best/ nearest car parking spots. There are some 2hr parking spots, but most are unrestricted at the moment, which means it may be hard to find a parking spot. But there are usually some on Bobart St or King St. In front of the playground are spots for mini buses and accessible parking.

Ollie Webb Reserve Parramatta
Glebe Street entrance

Ollie Webb Reserve is also withing walking distance from Westfield Parramatta and Parramatta Transport Interchange.

Places of Interest Nearby

Other Livvi’s Places

Touched by Olivia know a thing or two about creating wonderful, inclusive playgrounds. And we are fortunate to now have four in addition to the new one at Ollie Webb Reserve, You will find them at:


  1. What a shame No more basketball ? area. Our older boys 12 plus used to love coming here , while we used the exercise equipment. It was a great family park for all ages. The hoop was very popular with the locals especially the young teens , always someone using it and really nice boys after school having a game just walk up and you could join in.
    During the consultation process with the community many of us did not realise that that there was a risk of losing the basketball area, or the exercise equipment. Anyway if you want the hoop to be returned so we still have a great Family park with something for everyone- you need to call parramatta council or email them and let them know your thoughts. They may bring back the hoop area ……..only if we all call them and request it back .

  2. Can I make an advance booking the BBQ area for a birthday celebration???
    Is there any way I can book the place for lunch ???

  3. JUST NOW: One family here. They said they booked the BBQ in advance. I never heard of it. That they can book the BBQ. They dont allow us to use the BBQ for some reason.

    Is this true BBQ BOOKING?


    • We’re not aware that you can book a BBQ at any of Council’s playgrounds. I would ask them who they booked through…. It is a first serve basis with a general etiquette to share once you are finished and others are waiting.